Oriental Express in Compton Acres – Westernised Chinese Food to scoff and comfort

The Oriental Express in Compton Acres is one of those Chinese Food Takeaway spots that I have frequented over the years with mixed success.

They are pretty handy for me near West Bridgford and they are quick fast and serve up all of that lovely comforting Westernised Chinese food that we have learnt to love over here in the UK.

Salted Spice Chicken Wings

I quite like to empty out my Chinese Takeaway onto some fancy plates I once bought at TK Max years ok. It somehow makes it look a little bit better and I feel I little bit less ‘dirty and guilty’ at eating this stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

It certainly did the trick with this starter of Salted Spice Chicken Wings that I got the other day. They were fairly average to look at but they had a decent crispy skin and just needed a little bit more seasoning and spice to make them worth getting again.

They were fairly meaty though and you did get a pretty decent portion, more than the three that I managed to fit on my fancy plate.

Special Chow Mein

The Special Chow Mein also looked a lot better when tipped into the lovely Asian bowl. It did actually taste pretty good too and I confess that I am a total sucker for any type of Asian noodle dishes!

I like the one that they serve here as it is kind of coated with lots of soy sauce and it has a lot of meaty stuff in there, usually pork, beef, chicken, the odd shrimp and some crispy bits of veg too.

Shredded Beef and Fried rice

If you don’t want too big a meal then you can get one of their “All in One Dinner” boxes which is a dish and a rice or chips all in the same box. The one I quite favour is the shredded beef and fried rice for $4.80.

I like the crispy and sticky bits of meat that I know are really bad for me, but I love them so much I try to pretend that as long as I cook at home more often than I get a takeaway then it will all be OK.

After all, a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm (said no Doctor ever)

“All in One Dinner” box

It looks less appealing and fancy when it comes in the box, So that just goes to show that it was well worth spending all that money on those fancy Asian style dishes and plates ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not going to be making big claims about Oriental Express, all I will say that as local Chinese takeaways go, they are pretty decent and I have eaten here enough times to give them a fair rating.

Located at

10 Compton Acres Shopping Centre, Wโ€™ Bridgford, NG2 7RS – 0115 981 3353

Check their Menu out on Menulation


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