Aziz Khan in West Bridgford for excellent authentic Indian-Bangladeshi Food

This weekend we met up at Aziz Khan in Compton Acres, West Bridgford with all the friends that we travelled around India with last year for a catch up and to plan another trip to Sri Lanka, and Kerala. (You can read all about that trip around India on my other website at MyFoodHunt here )

We figured it would help if we did that in an Indian restaurant so we picked one in the middle of where we all lived, luckily for me that was at Aziz Khan in Compton Acres, a spot just 10 minutes walk from my apartment.

Aziz Khan say that they “aim to serve fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared to long established authentic Indian-Bangladeshi family / regional recipes” and that their “menu has been inspired by traditional regional and family recipes from the north east province of Bangladesh as well as scattered influences from the Indian sub-continent.”

Anyway that all sounded great and amidst all the joviality amongst a great bunch of friends and fellow explorers I ordered a bit of food to eat.

So what did I get?

Masala Fish

We had the Masala Fish for our starter, I was kind of expecting a few goujons of fried fish with some grilled onions and peppers  instead though we were presented with two fantastic looking fillets of golden spice covered fish on a small bed of fried onion, green and red peppers on a steaming hot plate.

The crisp skin was lightly spiced with hints of coriander, ginger, and lemon. The flesh of the fish was soft and juicy, it was perfectly cooked for my liking. The charred onion and peppers added some lovely sweetness to the dish

This was an excellent start to the meal and even as I was self congratulating myself on the choice, our waiter came back and said it was the best starter on the menu but sadly not so many people order it

Typically the flavours in the dish come from rubbing the fish with lemon juice, salt and coriander, then marinating it in a blend of yoghurt, ginger, garlic, and garam masala. Then it is fried or grilled until golden or maybe until spicy brown golden 🙂

Lamb Tawa

The first of the main dishes that we picked out was a Lamb Tawa. This was another superb choice, it looked fantastic and it tasted amazing.  The menu described it as being “prepared in a traditional indian pan with a blend of spices and yogurt, dressed with crispy fried onion rings

The soft and tender chunks of lamb were plentiful and were served up in a thick and very tasty sauce topped off with sweet and crispy slices of fried onion. The flavour profile was excellent and well balanced, there was a reasonable amount of heat from the chillies in the gravy and the classic combination of cumin, coriander, ginger and garlic gave it a great flavour boost.

I would have been pretty happy if this had been the only dish that I had ordered and I think that I might even come back one night and have this as a takeaway dish to eat in front of the telly on a cold night.

Chana Chicken

The second dish that we ordered was the Chana Chicken which was, unsurprisingly a mixture of chick peas and of chicken breast. I liked this dish also as it was not too runny a sauce, the chickpeas made it quite a crunchy bite and the sauce as a result was more thick.

It was lightly spiced with ginger, chilli, garlic, ginger, cumin, and allspice. The inclusion of onion, tomato, and coriander leaf added freshness, then to add to that there was creaminess and a little fatty richness which I understand comes from butter and cream.

I liked this dish too, but I would not order it as a solo dish, it was more like a fancy side dish to go alongside a more powerfully spiced dish.

My plate before it was messed up by scoffing action

All in all we had a fantastic meal at Aziz Khan, just for once I felt that we made excellent choices from the menu that all complimented each other perfectly.

The food was really well flavoured, delicious in fact, and it was really the sort of meal that you wake up the next day still basking in the joy of the experience.

I will most certainly be coming back here again and will probably be encouraging a few friends to join me. It is a lot more comfortable than the places everyone goes to like sheep on Maid Marian way and in some ways better value too. You can take in your own drinks so that makes it a less expensive night out as well.

I have to add thanks and praise to our waiter who patiently explained many of the dishes and advised us really well so that we ended up trying new dishes while keeping the overall meal balanced and just the sort of plateful that I didn’t know that I always wanted 🙂

Aziz Khan is located at

12 Compton Acres
West Bridgford

Tel 0115 945 5255

Check them out as well on their Facebook Page

Apparently you can order online and get 20% off if you spend more than £25, NICE!



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