Georges lunchtime 99p deal in West Bridgford (revisited)

Georges Fish and Chip shop on Melton Road in West Bridgford is an incredibly popular spot.  I quite like their Fish and Chips and I have been here a fair amount to dine on my favoured classic selection of “Haddock, Chips and Mushy Peas“. Some how I have not actually written about that?!

I have though written about their 99p lunchtime deal which has been going on for ages. I mean I went back in time on the blog and found a post all about it from back in 2013!  check out “George’s Traditional Fish and Chips Shop 99p lunch” , it will probably be the same post in 2017 🙂

The Deal!


Now I know some people in Bridgy will debate who has the best Fish and Chips in the town, but whatever they say you cannot argue with the lines outside the door of this place.

I am used to seeing a line on Friday night when lots of us Brits like to get our Fish and Chips, but I had never seen a queue on a lunchtime before!

Perhaps it was something to do with their 99p lunchtime deal? I mean I am not sure how they are still able to do this and stay open! Business must be good, and to be honest from what I see when I drive past every evening it certainly is.

To be honest as well, I have been down Melton Road to take up the 99p lunchtime deal many more times than I have been in to get the main event meal. I think people are happy to get great value!

Small Sausage, Chips and Gravy

When I peruse that 99p menu my choice of the three offerings is always going to be the “Small sausage, chips and gravy” mostly because I think that is amazing value, but also because I love chip shop gravy on my chips and the mini sausage is just a three (maybe four) bite bonus item.

It is also a very comforting lunchtime meal, and on a Friday it sets you up for the rest of the day. If like myself you suspect that you have to do some city centre ‘pub and beer’ blog research later on in the evening 🙂

This is a very comforting snack as I said a few times and although it may not look so pretty, lets be honest ‘chips and gravy’ is a classic that one can get behind  and be in love with, add a sausage, even a cheap one, and man alive we are in bonus world, and for just 99p? OMG! Did that actually happen (again)?

Georges is located at


Just to note, as I stood in that line waiting to order, not everyone was getting the 99p deal. Lots, and I mean “Lots” were buying bags of Fish and Chips to takeaway, loads of people taking out big orders as well. Georges are clearly doing something right, oh yes selling great Fish and Chips is what they are doing!!


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