The Bromley at Fiskerton – Nice Pizza and a Great pub by the river for the rambler

The Bromley at Fiskerton was like a shining beacon as we reached it after a long walk from Lowdham. It was getting towards the end of the day.

We had not eaten since Jo-hanna’s at 9.30am and it was basically getting towards 5pm when we finally reached this supposed midway point. I think we were at about 13-14 mile by now, had hit up 4-5 pubs, and we really needed to pause and eat a proper meal!

The Bromley at Fiskerton does cater well for the rambler, the hiker, and the boating fraternity with it’s Riverside and Bar snack menu. They have an area inside and outside for the ‘shall we say’ less well dressed passer by, and that was where we were to find ourselves, dining outside by the river

I was well hungry and I was not going to be content with just a sandwich at this point, having said that I could not be fussed with a big knife and fork meal. I was delighted then to see that they were doing pizza.

Now when it comes to Pizza, i am a bit fussy, and I basically only really have eyes for Oscar and Rosies, so it was with some reluctance and perhaps with a  little leap of faith that I ordered the Americano pizza for £9.90

The Americano at The Bromley was topped with everything that I love on my pizza; “Sausage, pepporoni, chorizo, and mushrooms”. The menu had described their pizza as being “hand stretched to order using our homemade pizza dough, topped with our traditional tomato and herb sauce”

It was way too big for one man, even one man that had marched his way along the river and that was somewhat ravenous. I managed to almost eat it all but fell short by a couple of slices. To be honest we could have shared this and added a few little extra snacks.

I really quite liked the crust, the base was charred nicely which always delights me. I quite liked the tomato and herb sauce it was not too rich but was quite herby. Toppings wise I like a bit more meat on my pizza pie, it did not seem to be populated that generously for my liking. I like a lot of meat slices 🙂

All in all it was not a bad effort for a pub pizza and a lot better than many places

The Bromley at Fiskerton is located right by the Riverbank

Main Street,
Fiskerton, near Southwell
Nottinghamshire  NG25 0UL

Check them out on their Facebook page


Some other food we scoffed

Chicken and Cajun Mayo Baguette

Bacon and Brie Baguette

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