Sunday Lunch at The Falcon Inn

The Falcon Inn at Canning Circus is an Old Shipstones Pub and one of the great traditional Real AIe pubs in the City. In the past I have enjoyed drinking some nice pints of ale in here and some tasty bar snacks while on a pub crawl up Derby Road and Alfreton Road to Canning Circus

I had heard over the years that they also pretty decent meals as well, so when I was up the top of Derby Road and saw the sign outside for Sunday Lunch I took the chance to pop in and try them out

They were offering Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Lamb Shank, and a Vegetable Option too. The Beef and Chicken were £9.45, the Shank £9.95, and the Veg Dish just under £9.

I ordered the Roast Beef and a pint of the excellent Snake Eyes IPA from the local Black Iris Brewery and retired to the back room to sip my beer, ponder life and await hungrily for my lunch.

Ah Sunday Bliss! 🙂

Roast Beef Sunday Lunch

I really liked that this was a proper Sunday Lunch, big slices of Roast Beef filled up the well cooked Yorkshire Pudding and plenty of proper vegetables filled up the rest of the plate.

There was more beef that it looked at first sight, once I started to dig down into the basin of the crispy pudding I found about 4-5 big slices, maybe even 6. The meat was tasty, perhaps a little more cooked than I usually like, but there was still some pinkness to the beef so I guess it was right in the middle of what will suit most people.

I was happy to get a decent amount of Roast Potatoes as well, the other day I was given Mash as well and I was pleased to see here at the Falcon Inn that there were just giving us the good stuff. On a Sunday I am wanting some Crisp Roasted Spud, there is something so comforting about biting into that chewy crisp coating to reach the soft potato inside. Like Big Sunday Chips.

Roast Beef and Vegetables

Vegetable wise I was a very happy Sunday Lunchtime Camper, this was a plate generously filled with properly cooked vegetables. There was a good portion of tender Broccolli, more than in the picture, I ate a bit before I remembered to take a snap. There were loads more carrots than I usually have but I was not complaining 🙂 I loved getting a big handful of green beans as well.

The Falcon Inn had done me proud by putting the three vegetables that I really wanted on the plate, so that I did not have to pretend that I Iiked cabbage or parsnips and was just able to eat what I like.

I was also very happy with the Gravy situation, there was plenty and I didn’t had to worry about asking for more.

This was really a very good plateful of food and I was left nicely full and satisfied with my lot in life.

Nicely played on the Sunday Dinner front to The Falcon Inn

The board outside the Falcon Inn said that they served Sunday Lunch between 12-5pm. I wandered in about 12.30 and had no problem finding some space to perch, get a pint and get some lunch.

There were a few people already eating, as I ate a few more tables came in, but it never felt rushed or busy. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, just as you expect from a proper pub.

I would happily come here again for Sunday Lunch and next time I might bring a paper and stay a little longer and have a few more pints 🙂


The Falcon Inn is located at 1 Alfreton Rd, next door to the Sir John Borlase Warren Pub, near to the Overdraught pub and close to the Organ Grinder by Blue Monkey

Check them out too on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, although it looks like Facebook is the page they use these days

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