East Leake Fish Bar: Fish and Chips Friday

There is nothing quite like the joy of getting a tray of Fish and Chips on a Friday Lunch. This week were were at the East Leake Fish Bar on Main Street in East Leake to check out their offerings

The place was pretty popular on a Friday which I thought was a pretty good sign and I liked that they were cooking my piece of fish to order. I don’t mind a little 5 minute wait if I am getting a freshly prepared piece instead of one that has been sitting around on the counter top for a while

I had been in here before on a midweek myfoodhunt trip so I knew what I was in for this time i was having the small fish and chip special 🙂

Small Fish and Chips

I had the small fish and chips special which is pretty good value and I was pretty impressed with the size of the fish as it filled the whole tray. I really wonder what the actual definition of a small fish is at such chippy establishments. I mean I never caught a fish this big when I was a kid angling on the Trent. Perhaps I was just catching minnows that would end up as whitebait

The actual Fish was excellent, the crispy and crunchy batter enveloping the fish was light and not at all soggy. The white flaky fish inside was nice and moist, a little bit juicy and was just as I like it.

Chips wise you are getting treated to proper chippy chips. They are full of potato, solid, not at all greasy, and plentiful. I mean this was a small portion so I have no idea how one would be able to scoff a large one. I mean I know I would try but to be honest I was struggling to manage this small one AND I had skipped breakfast

Small Fish and Chips of Yore 🙂

Just for comparison here is a picture of the small fish and chips I had had on an earlier visit the week before. I was glad to see that they were pretty consistent, the chips were just as bountiful and the fish was just as big and just as well cooked. Lovely Stuff 🙂

The East Leake Fish Bar is located at 61 Main Street in East Leake. It is right on the main road in the village and there is plenty of free parking nearby as well. I would say that it is worth popping in there if you are passing through the village, or if you just fancy a bit of a drive into the countryside too.

East Leake has a lot of good pubs and cafes to check out so its not just about the Fish and Chips, even if today it was 🙂

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