Breakfast and Lunch at Taste in West Bridgford

Taste in West Bridgford is located on Clumber Road which runs off Melton Road where many of the great foodie shops in Bridgford can be found.

I first came here in the early days of the blog back in 2013 (read more here) back then it was much smaller and quite cosy, in recent years they have opened the space out and it is quite nice and light now.

Franco the owner is a very happy chap and so friendly when you walk in, almost as if you were a regular and I like that feeling of welcome when I come to places like this


The Full English Breakfast at Taste has a lot going for it, not only do you get a decent feed of Fried and Grilled Breakfast loveliness but you also get a side plate of toast. The breakfast plate comes with two slices of perfectly crisp and meaty smoked bacon, a thick solid tasty sausage, sliced fried mushroom and a slice of black pudding.

Every one’s a winner in my mind. It also comes with a Fried egg, beans, grilled tomato and a hash brown. The whole gang from the breakfast family is present and correct, and they are all doing their best to deliver a great breakfast situation.


I came in for lunch determined not to get sucked back into breakfast even though I really wanted another one. This time I really wanted to get a sandwich of some sort and I was delighted to see that they had a club sandwich called erm the ‘Taste Club’

I asked the question if it was toasted (as all club sandwiches should be traditionally IMO) which caused a moment of confusion as it turned out that it wasn’t but credit to Taste that was not going to be a problem as they were happy to make me one with toasted bread. Nice work guys!

The ubiquitous close up inside the sandwich shows all the expected layers present (well all of them except for the middle slice of bread anyway 🙂 )

I was happy to find a proper slice of bacon, some nice grilled chicken, topped with layers of lettuce and tomato. If I am honest though even though it all tasted great, the toast was a bit hard (if that makes sense) so maybe I should have had it just as they had planned that I should

I like eating at Taste and when I have not eaten in I like to grab one of their cakes to takeaway for a little treat during tea breaks at work.

You can check them out by walking in through the door like all good customers can, but you can also have a look on their Facebook page too to see what is going on

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  1. Sandra James says:

    That looks really good! I’m not one for beans with breakfast, but of all the ones I’ve seen since subscribing, that looks best to me.

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