Fish and Chip Friday at Plumtree Fish and Chip Shop

Plumtree Fish and Chip shop is located on Nottingham Road just opposite the Sainsbury’s local where the road bends to intersect with Debdale Lane. Officially the address says that this is in Keyworth? I thought I was in Plumtree but anyway whatever I am not in charge of the maps, my job is just to eat the food that I find and that was what I was going to do 🙂

I have popped along to check out this fish and chip shop a couple of times now and today as it was the first Friday of 2020 I drove over to take on my First Fish and Chip Friday of the year, as one does 😉

The place was pretty busy with a steady line of locals all it seemed ordering the mini fish and chips which did seem to be a pretty sweet deal. You could get Cod, Haddock, and Plaice all priced up at around £5.10- £5.30, but the mini fish was £3.40 so was a good price.

I ordered Mini Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas which was in a deal at £5.50, I was happy to find that my fish was being cooked to order and it seems that is the way here at the Plumtree Fish and Chip Shop. As people walked in to queue the chap at the fryer was calling out asking if they wanted Fish so that he could start cooking it straight away. I do love a fresh bit of fish straight from the fryer!

You get a decent sized portion for your money here at the Plumtree Fish and Chip Shop. I would be interested to see the size of the normal fish as the mini one was more than enough for me!

The batter is not the type that I usually love as it seems to be a bit crispier and well flatter here. Is that a term or did i just make it up? What I mean is that it was quite a smooth coating over the fish whereas some places it is flakier. Honestly reading this I am not even sure that I am explaining this well 🙂 Just look at the picture and you will see what I mean, lets be honest most people just look at the photos anyway lol.

Chip wise they are pretty good proper chips, nice crisp coating, with soft potato filling, they go down very easily. I have enjoyed both visits to this chippy but both times was not able to manage all the chips so that gives you a good idea of the portion size, you get plenty

Mushy peas wise it is also pretty good here, nice vibrant green, smooth and thick with a bit of a crunch. Again you get a decent dollop in the tray so I had plenty of pea mix to go alongside all those chips!

I like this place, the people were very friendly both in the queue and behind the counter. Parking wise its on street but I found a spot on Debdale Road just alongside the chippy.

I understand that they also have a restaurant as well which was located next door, so another time I might try and dine there instead of eating in my car. Mind you I do like eating Fish and Chips in the car, mostly so that when I pick someone up after they can smell the vinegar and the fried goodness and when they ask if I have had some Fish and Chips I like to say “YES, Yes I have just eaten some Fish and Chips!” while sitting smugley and all happy with a full belly.


Plumtree Fish and Chip Shop is located at

99 Nottingham Road, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5GS.

You can check them out on their Website and also on their Facebook Page

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