Pub Burgers at The Stage

The Stage on Upper Parliment can be a somewhat lively pub with the music blasting away either some sort of Karaoke or some disco hits from the past. If you sit in the snug, one of the alcoves or in the back room you can avoid the crowds and strum along from a distance. We occasionally pop in on a Friday night on the off chance that they have one of the beers that we like on the pumps, sometimes we are lucky sometimes not.

One evening we noticed that they had a deal where you could get 2 mains, 2 burgers, or 2 pies for a tenner and at first glance the menu did not look too bad. So the next time we were there we thought we would chance it for a bit of pub grub. The Karoke was off and it was reasonably quiet as well, but lots of people were eating so we figured it must be ok as the locals seemed happy enough

Pub Burger on the Menu

I admit that I had taken a leap of faith purely based on the picture of the burger on the menu. It did not look amazing ,but as pub burgers go it did look edible and the bun and fillings looked decent enough.

So we took a chance, stepped up to the bar and ordered a couple. Actually what happened was that it was Martin’s round so I gave him £10 and made him do the deed while I listened to the jukebox blasting out some sort of tune.

Burger Menu

I picked out The Mighty Burger which was billed on the menu as being “Two 6oz beef patties, bacon, fried egg, onion rings with a burger sauce dip” for £8.95

I basically just ordered this because I was being greedy and because I like a Fried Egg on my burger. The words Gourmet and 100% British helped a little bit, but I knew we were firmly entrenched in pub grub land so I was just expecting to be filled up really

The Mighty Burger

It was a huge beast and I reckon that the burgers may well have been more than 6 oz. Meaty as a Ice Hockey Puck was my thoughts as I tried to open my mouth wide enough to take a bite.

The main thing to note was that there was a lot of solid meat to bite through, perhaps a little too much and perhaps not the highest of quality patty either. Mighty was maybe a good description for the herculean effort taken to eat the goddam thing!

Sadly I noticed too late, as in after I had almost scoffed the whole thing that the fried egg was missing! I had to get a menu to work out if it has just been my imagination that there should have been one.

For a moment I thought that perhaps my mate had made a mix up and just asked for a Double Bacon Cheeseburger, but the fact that I did get the onion rings made me realise that it was just really AWOL 🙁

To be fair it wasn’t actually going to have improved things anyway, so in someways it was probably better off steering clear of the whole plate so as to take no blame for the situation.

The Bacon Melt Burger

My mate had more sensibly chosen to take on the Bacon Melt which was described on the menu as “6oz british beef patty, bacon & melted cheese with burger sauce dip

So basically he had ordered a cheeseburger with bacon then. When this one arrived it did at least look more manageable size-wise. Afterwards my mate did say that he quite liked his burger so I guess it takes all sorts, I mean lets be honest the place would not still be selling burgers if no-one liked them

Overall in terms of the amount of food ‘weight wise’ it was fair value, and they did fill us both up. The accompanying coleslaw was not very enticing actually it was not that nice. The chips from a bag of some sort are decent enough as pub chips. I had not read the menu well enough at the time to realize that neither burger had come with any sort of ‘burger sauce dip’ and my Mighty Burger didn’t come with an egg.

If you are in town looking for a good deal and are not some sort of moany old food blogger you would do alright with a deal of any 2 main meals for £10 during the week. We were here at the weekend so we paying the full prices so perhaps bit different.

I was full at the end of the meal and that was the main aim of the event. I had a nice pint of Harvest Pale and a sing along (maybe hum along) to a few pop songs and a good laugh with my mate so it was just another night down the boozer then. Next time, if there is one I might just get a pie.


The Stage is located at 84 Upper Parliment Street in Nottingham, NG1 6LF and is pretty close to the Tram Stop at the Royal Centre. You can check them out on their Facebook Page

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