The Breaker Burger at The Framebreakers in Ruddington

The Frame Breakers in Ruddington is one of my favourite South Notts Locals for a pub lunch. They do a decent pint and some good homemade pub grub.

One lunch midweek as we strolled back by the Frame Breakers I recalled some excellent burgers and food that we had and that I wrote about back in 2016, a review that they still have on their website to this day.

We had been meandering around Ruddington via the post office getting scratch cards and The Bottle Top looking for cans of beer (life is full these days) and we were feeling a little peckish.

Anyway long story cut short, we needed food and knew the pub supplied it, so we went in and ate, the END 🙂

What? you want to know what we had, oh ok then, so …...

The Breaker Burger

The Breaker Burger was a pretty hefty beast. I did read the menu but to be honest I Had not taken it all in properly. I think that i had got confused with the basic burger that I once had here and had really enjoyed. My mate was at the bar and I just shouted that I would have the Breaker Burger when he was ordering.

Anyway this behemoth that had arrived at my table was a much larger affair. The buns attempted to support the weight of the Double Patty covered in a swath of beef chilli, cheese and a pile of, lets face it, in amongst it all some somewhat superfluous salad. This ‘beast for the feast’ was already looking to be a worthy advisory to be taken down as a brunch time opponent from the kitchen

It was a tough challenge and I confess that I was not sure that my mouth would be able to open wide enough to take that first bite. I did my best though sinking my jaws into the sandwich taking a bite through both patties and into most of the bun. It was good, the patty meat was as good as I had remembered and as I chewed and took in the beauty of the bite, I tried to ignore the dribbles of chili trickling down my cheeks and along my fingers .

I did my best to resist the temptation of the shiny stainless utensils I confess that at points I needed to avail of them using them like Talons to tear the burger apart into more manageable bite sized pieces. I do feel that one should be able to pick up any burger and eat it with both hands though, that should be the golden rule of burger construction.

The Breaker Burger with Fries

The Breaker Burger did come with a side of fries, now to be honest I did not need them but I ate them anyway 🙂 They went quite well with all that homemade chilli that had come with the burger, It was kind of like a side of ‘dirty fries’ once I had mixed it up on the plate. I was a double winner today.

The Chalkboard Offerings

So the Breaker Burger is declared to be “2 x 60z Homemade beef burgers, topped with 2 slices of Emmentall cheese + homemade Chilli in a brioche bun with salad + Rustic Fries”. That was the official declaration according to the chalkboard that I found outside on the pavement after I had eaten. You could get this with “2 x IPA Fried chicken burgers” instead, but to be honest I am not sure that I would have fancied that with chilli on top.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed eating this burger. Ok so I admit that it was at times a bit unwieldy, and yes it was a bit of a mess, and yeh I didnt really need all that much food, but hell it was fun.

The Frame Breakers pub is located on the High Street in Ruddington at the cross roads with Kirk Lane and Church Street. NG11 6DT

Check them out too on their Facebook page and also on their Twitter Feed   

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