Breakfast at Sans Patrie on Canning Circus

Sans Patrie opened a week ago at Canning Circus on Alfreton Road in Nottingham. It is a really cool spot to hang out at with a great sounding menu that includes breakfast and pizza (two of my not so guilty pleasures). Inside it is laid out really well, it’s casual almost Scandanavian in style serving Breakfast until 11.45am all week, then small plates and pizza after that until they close.

It is in a great location for me as it is right opposite some excellent real ale pubs in the Sir John Borlase Warren, The Falcon Inn, the Overdraft and the Organ Grinder, all of whom have featured in the life of The Nottingham Food Blog

I have had my eye on this spot for a month or so, ever since I had seen the “coming soon” sign in the window. Finally I saw a few posts from them on Instagram, suggesting that they were open and then a menu that had some tasty sounding food on it.

That was enough to have me set out on a stroll this last Sunday from Bridgford, through the Meadows into town and then up the hill via Derby Road to Canning Circus. I needed the exercise to burn up any calories I was to find inside šŸ™‚

Breakfast Menu

I was drawn first to the plates section of the menu as I had seen a picture of the ‘Aubergine shakshuka’ with a duck egg laid across it on Instagram and I kind of fancied that as it looked so good.

Then I was kind of pondering the ‘Fennel Salami‘ with a ‘Soft Duck Egg’ from the Flatbread section as that was making me think of Pizza for Breakfast. Lets face it nothing better than a cold slice of left over pizza from the night before (well apart from a freshly cooked one!)

I paused momentarily and contemplated those, but my heart was set on getting their Breakfast plate which was described as “Sausage, bacon, duck egg, mushrooms, vine tomatoes, beans

I had not walked all the way up that hill for nothing, so that was what I ordered šŸ™‚


It was hard to think where to start, both in eating and in relating this story. I think I just have to begin by saying that every single item on the plate was cooked just as I like and was fully deserving of its place.

Sometimes the tomato, hash brown and beans get included and really they bring nothing to the party. Here though at Sans Patrie those guys were all part of the breakfast team and they were kicking ass on the field of play.

The tomatoes roasted on the vine were immense all by themselves, I plucked each one off like a grape in between mouthfuls and ate it like a little sweet treat. I wish more places would serve them like this to me.

The house made beans were sauce like, sweet and tomatoey, for once they helped add flavour to the plate and complemented everything else as I added them to slices of bacon, sausage and to forkfuls of hash brown. It was good to have some that were cooked properly and not just mixed with paprika or some kind of BBQ mix, well played Sans Patrie, well played!

I was really happy and surprised to see hash browns on there as they had not been mentioned in the description and I had nearly ordered some as a side dish. They were also really good and worth eating, they had a proper place for once and not just the role of plate filler, more of these please. Now I think I should have ordered them as a side plate cos I really could have eaten more.

Breakfast Plate

They were not messing around here at Sans Patrie with that Breakfast plate, not only does it look inviting but it also is piled high with lovely breakfast fodder. Best of all I have gotten all the way down to here before talking about the usual stars of the breakfast playbill namely the Bacon, Egg and Sausage, all three of which are stars in their own right on this plate for sure.

I loved the duck egg with its perfectly cooked white and soft runny orange yolk, that had been seasoned lightly with salt and a little pepper. The yolk oozing out as it was cut to mix in with the sliced mushrooms and the hash brown (well that was how I used it)

The bacon was cooked perfectly for me with the fat rendered well until it was nicely crisp. Decent bit of smoke and some saltiness to add more flavour to each mouthful.

Hiding away underneath the egg that had been draped across the plate were two meaty and herby sausages, both of which were welcomed with open arms or rather a widely opened mouth awaiting the opportunity to take on another mouthful from this excellent plate of breakfast.

Anyway do you think that I enjoyed myself? šŸ™‚

This day though I was just all about the breakfast plate with a pot of tea (that gave me three cups) and I was only shelling out just over Ā£10.

Considering the quality I would have happily paid a bit more but shhh don’t tell.


Sans Patrie is located at 2-6 Alfreton Road at Canning Circus only a short 10 minute walk or so from the Market Square. You can check them out on their Instagram Profile where they have been tantalizing me already with picture of their food

I think that I will be back again for breakfast for certain, but also I need to try the pizza and so will have to drag my Friday night food hunting companion in here with the promise of a few pints of real ale around the Canning Circus circuit to sweeten the deal

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