Ohannes Gourmet Burger in Nottingham: Cheese Burger and Fries

Ohannes Burgers have recently opened a second branch in Nottingham on Long Row in the City Centre. Their other outlet being in Arnold which only opened relatively recently back in 2019.

I had seen the shop front sitting there all adrift without custom as I passed through town the other day and had been a little sad thinking that I would not be able to get my big fat gob around one of their burgers for a while considering the state of the world.

I was pretty happy when I read that they were trading on ubereats, and so I took my first steps into this not so new world of online ordering. Hard to believe that I had never ordered through an app before, but I was desperate for a burger and I was getting a discount as a new uber eater customer 🙂

20 minutes later a box arrived via bicycle from town to my place in Bridgford, while I was happy to get food to my door I did feel a little sorry for the chap who peddled his way all the way here. I gave him a decent tip for his efforts so that alleviated the guilt.

First impressions were that I was loving the design of the box, there had been plenty of effort made here ‘Wholesome Burgers Family Fun’ was the tagline which was much better than ‘Contains Burger for Man who could not be arsed to drive to collect”

Once opened second impression was also favourable, a nicely wrapped burger sandwich alongside a decent pile of quite appetising seasoned chips.


Once unwrapped the burger seemed to have managed to endure its rapid cycle from town, through the Meadows, along the embankment over the bridge to my apartment. Yes I had watched the cycle icon on the app as it weaved its way to my door 🙂


I had played it safe and just gone for the classic Cheese Burger described on the menu as “100% Beef Patties, Cheese Slices, Homemade Smoke Mayo, and Caramelized Onions“. I also had a side of Seasoned Fries with Homemade Aioli

Now I do have to say that the Ohannes burger was a lot more solid and meatier than I usually like these days. I do prefer a smash style burger patty, but having said that, this one had good flavour and I was not adverse to it’s charms.

Everything was in proportion, and while I am not usually a massive fan of the brioche burger bun, I actually quite liked this burger in this bun. The smoked mayo helped to elevate the experience and I always like a caramelized onion as a topping.

On another day I might have had extra cheese, and looking back I am thinking ‘what a fool I was’, I had a pack of cheese slices in the fridge! Doh!


I have to say that I really did like the fries as they were not over seasoned like many places seem to do these days. So you got a little bit of Cajun charm without an excess of salt or spice. They also had a nice crisp coating and fluffy soft filling. The best thing was that they were not thrice cooked and not made of sweet potato. They were proper chips for once.

All in all I was happy to have tried the burgers from Ohannes. I hope that one day in the near future I will be able to walk into the place in person and get one fresh from the grill. Then I will really know what it is all about and how they stack up against the other burger joints in town 🙂

For now though I would take a chance on another online order and I would be more adventurous next time perhaps trying their Cheese Mania Burger with more cheese and BBQ sauce, or the Big Lebowski Burger with ‘salsa, cheese, onions, and jalopeno’. Chances are that I will just get a bigger Cheese Burger!


Ohannes Burgers is located at 61 Long Row in Nottingham, NG1 6JE

At the moment you can order online, I did read somewhere that you could collect as well

Check them out also on their UK Facebook Page

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