Fish and Chips from the Bridgeway Fish Bar in the Meadows

The Bridgeway Fish Bar in the Meadows is as one may have surmised located at the Bridgeway Shopping Centre in the pedestrianised precinct of shops that runs through the New Meadows area. It is just a couple of doors away from the excellent Andrew Marsden Butchers, a local supplier that in these times we have been to just to keep it local and stay away from the big shops.

I had seen that the Bridgeway Fish Bar was open and trading on all the main delivery services, ubereats, deliveroo, and just-eats plus we had seen people being served through the door as we bought some pork chops from the butchers the previous week.

With that in mind we took a stroll through the old meadows at the weekend to check them out.


They had a deal in the window for Mini Fish and Chips with peas (or beans) for just £4.99. I love lunchtime chippy bargain. So we ordered two portions of that. A short while later after they had cooked our fish to order we walked off with our boxes to find a spot to scoff them down.

Once more I was amazed by the size of the Mini Fish it filled the whole box, and it wasn’t a small box either. The actual fish inside was really good, it was moist and juicy, clean tasting too. The batter was crisp on the outside but a little soggy inside and underneath. Now that may well be due to it steaming a bit in the box as we did walk for about 10 minutes down the canalside before we ate them (yes the same seat that we ate the chips from Carringtons last week 🙂 )

Chips wise there was plenty as usual, more than one really needed to eat, but not so many that I didn’t eat them all. It was probably five chips over belt busting level one. I did like the chips from the Bridgeway Fish Bar and I also liked the mushy peas, these seemed to be proper ones, and not just ones from a tin. They were a little crunchy but also enveloped in that lovely green thick gravy that goes so well with a Chippy chip

All in all pretty good value and somewhere that I will probably get another takeaway chippy lunch from, especially if they are open when we hit up the Butchers 🙂


The Bridgeway Fish Bar is located at 3 Bridgeway Centre, the Meadows, Nottingham, NG2 2JD

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