Fish and Chips from Carringtons near Nottingham Train Station

Carringtons Fish and Chip shop on Carrington Street in Nottingham is open serving up your classic Chippy and Kebab needs. At the moment they are operating on a 2 in at a time policy and they are takeaway only. The seats inside where we used to hangout eating a tray of chips on a Friday night are currently taped off, and I figure it will be like this for quite a while.

Anyway this weekend it was sunny and I was passing by on a bit of a bimble for exercise so figured I would grab my chip shop fix and take some out to eat down by the nearby canal side.

On The Lunch Special offer menu (available between 11.30 am and 16.30 pm) was a Mini-Fish & Chips for just £4.20. That sounded good to me so I ordered that.

There were also the classic kebab trays with options of donor meat, chicken, and mixed meat as a snack box for around £4.20-£4.50. I could have been tempted but I like my kebab situations to be a late night affair when all sense of guilt has disipated along with my pride 🙂

Mini Fish and Chips

This tray of mini fish and chips was a most welcome and comforting lunchtime diversion. It was a pretty acceptable chippy lunch.

The battered fish was larger that I expected for the money, fresh and juicy white flesh inside a slightly chewy batter was working out quite well. I would have like it a bit crispier but at the moment I will take what I can get!

There were plenty of chips and they were decent enough, I kind of wished that I had also got a pot of mushy peas to go alongside them for 90p.

To be honest though I had more than enough food for a lunchtime snack. I needed a long walk home along the canal to burn off the calories

Carringtons Fish and Chip Board

I have always loved the Carringtons Chalkboard with its Bread Debate where they offer us a Chip Cob for £2.20 and they ponder what we should call the bread ‘batch, bun, barm, roll, bap’ etc

I had wondered how long it would be until I saw it again, so it was a welcome sign to find it on the street

As we shuffle from Lock-down towards the new normal it seem likely that our dining out experiences are most likely to to be a combination of click and collect, take out, and delivery. Al fresco meals grabbed on a bench, in the park or sitting on a low wall or steps in the street could be what we have to live with for a while

I like Fish and Chips so I will take them when and where I can. This could be a theme for a while

Carringtons Fish and Chips is located at 89 Carrington Street in Nottingham, NG1 7FE. Just a short walk down from the train station and just over the canal before you reach Canal Street.

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