Pizza from The Black Pearl: Spicy Meat Feast

The Black Pearl in West Bridgford is currently open selling take out Pizza and Drinks for collection. I had seen a group of people at the weekend hovering outside the window clutching plastic glasses of beer and cardboard pizza boxes so it wasn’t that hard to work out what was going down.

They were calling it the ‘Black Pearl Sail Away Service‘ and you had to order by text or call. Although there was a window that you can talk through, they are not taking orders through it directly.

I didn’t want any drinks but I was certainly interested in a pizza, especially as I had not been into this bar pre Lock Down and I had not even known that they were doing food. The bar is right next to the Co-op in West Bridgford so I figured I could do my shopping and order a pizza to pick up while I was in the shop. Seemed like a good plan to me anyway.

I ordered a Spicy Meat Feast by phone, said I was just outside and was told 10 minutes and in the end that was spot on time wise. I could have ordered for later in the day and come back to collect, but I was hungry in the moment so was just going to grab and go.

It worked out just right as I managed to get out of the Co-op just as I recieved a text saying it was ready for collection.

I waved my card at arms length over the reader as you do this days picked up my box of pizza and headed off to find a bench to eat it on.


First impressions were that the pizza was huge, I made the rookie mistake of not asking for the 9 inch pizza, so I was staring down the barrel of 14 inches of pizza all just for myself.

It did look really good though and a worthy companion sitting alongside me on the park bench. There was plenty of meat in it for sure, crispy slices of Pepperoni floated around on top. Slices of ham poked out through the cheesy topping, like small icebergs as there was even more ham beneath the surface. There were also chunks of BBQ chicken all around as well.

Most of the heat was coming from the spicy tomato sauce which suited me just fine. It was a far more consistent application of spice heat that just bunging a load of sliced chilli on as a topping

The sourdough base was really great as well, there was that lovely smell that you get from sourdough wafting up at me when I had opened the box up. The crust around the edge was charred and was nice and chewy, almost as worth eating as the slices of pizza with topping 🙂

So as I said up top, to order at the moment you need to phone or text you order in. Midweek is was no problem pretty quick. At the weekend, based on what I saw on Saturday it might take longer. I just hope that the people I saw buying beer and pizza then sitting in the park were keeping safe and sensible, and well to be honest not taking the piss.

The Black Pearl is located at 42-44 Bridgford Road in West Bridgford. It is situated alongside the Stratford Haven Pub and The Botanist, near the Co-op

It is housed inside the same space that formerly was No 42, and way before that the Oriental Pearl

You can check them out on their Facebook Page, where they have details of the current pizza deals

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