Porco in Lady Bay

I have been following Porco aka Jez around eating his food almost as long as I have been writing The Nottingham Food Blog. The first time I wrote about his food was back in 2013 when I found him in the Old Market Square selling his Porchetta sandwiches (read more here)

Since then I have found him at the Taste of Rushcliffe on numerous occasions, in Nottingham Street Food Club and other pop ups around the city. Today though was the first time we had visited ‘Porco Headquarters’ in Lady Bay where he had decided to set up and sell us some tasty scoff from his front garden.

Porco Pop Up Menu

Menu wise it was all nice and simple, there was an intriguing offering of a “Pig Head Scrumptet” listed on the board as “14 Hour Hickory Smoked Panko Crumbed Pulled Pig Head, House Kimchi-Crispy Chili Oil, Dijonnaise, Manchet Roll“.

Now that kind of sounds like it is one for the more adventurous eater. It was like the time in China I was offered a spicy sliced filled pig intestine pizza, turned out it was pepperoni πŸ™‚

Anyway I saw a picture of one of the Pig Head Scrumpets on some social stream and to be fair it looked pretty good, but in the end though I was staying with the tried and tested favorite that I have eaten at StreetFood Club from Porco so ordered the Pig Mac!

Pig Mac Burger

The Pig Mac for Β£7 is described as “2 x Free Range Patties, 2 x Smoked Streaky Bacon, House Pickles, American Cheese, Mac Sauce, Shredded Iceberg, Brioche Bun

Now it might look a bit of a mess, but that is mainly because it all slipped around a bit as we marched over into the nearby park to find somewhere to perch and eat in between the rain clouds.

It had looked a lot better when he handed it to me πŸ™‚

This is a really good sausage burger, a couple of golf ball sized meatballs of his home made pork mix was smashed down onto the hot plate to make the flattened burger patties

Fantastic smoked cured crispy bacon helps to boost the burger fun and the coating of melted cheese just adds even more enjoyment

As a Burger these are pretty fantastic anyway, but as burgers made Pork sausage meat style? well they are another level. The next time someone tries to offer me a Breakfast Burger they had better have put as much effort into their Product as Porco have πŸ™‚

As I said up top you can often find Porco at events around the City. At the moment that is less easy and likely. When chatting I heard talk of future collabs again with Nottingham Street Food Club at Sneinton Avenues and maybe just Burger Nights from Porco Headquarters in Lady Bay (near the Skate Park)

If you want to track them down, you should check out their Facebook Page

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