Cloughies Cob Stop – The Breakfast Tray

Cloughies Cob Stop is a hatch in the wall eatery serving mostly breakfasts and assorted cobs located near to the City Ground. It is on Pavilion road which leads down to the ground just off London Road.

As the name suggest they sell a lot of cobs but most importantly they also serve up a whole lot of breakfast action so there was going to be little chance that I would be able to pass this place by without stopping off for a bit of scoff

The new Trentside Development is just across the road and it seemed that this place was almost the cafe for the builders and contractors working on that project as the queue outside was mainly lads in yellow safety jackets.

Food wise the menu is filled with hot and cold cobs, wraps and baguettes, they also have pies, chilli and rice, curry and rice and jacket potatoes.

Breakfast items feature heavily on the list of fillings in those Cobs, for example you can get a “Striker Cob” which is one stuffed with ‘sausage, bacon, egg, beans + toms‘ for £3.

I really do not know what possessed me to do this, but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to order a Breakfast Box. I have never done this before but figured it was worth a try


I ordered Breakfast Box 1 which according to the menu board was ‘2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, Beans + Toms, 1 Toast, Mushrooms + Egg’ for £3.50. For another 90p I could have had extra toast, Black Pudding & 2 Hash Browns

OK so I will concede that it does not look that good in the box and I am not sure how you would make it look pretty anyway. It probably didn’t help that I had Brown Sauce squeezed all over it and that I had shook it about a bit while I carried over to the river bank to eat it on the steps.

Belly filling wise it was actually quite successful and somewhat enjoyable in that way that a greasy spoon breakfast often is. You know it is bad for you but somehow that makes it even better.

The sausages, while on the cheap side, were nice and crispy and reasonably solid. The bacon hidden below a mound of breakfast fodder was pretty acceptable too. I liked the mushrooms and I kind of enjoyed the hash brown too even though it was totally smothered in brown sauce. The fried egg was cooked well and still had a runny yolk, and there was plenty of toast to dip into it and also to mop up the beans.

I am not sure if I would eat another tray of food like this again, but I was glad to have taken on the challenge and had the experience. Next time if I was passing by I would just get a straightforward bacon cob, perhaps with an egg and some mushrooms, if I was feeling a bit more peckish 🙂

Despite my best efforts to make this place sound like it was just another Greasy Spoon, they do offer some much more healthier options. The board outside on the pavement was featuring salad boxes for £3.50 and I did over hear quite a few of the builders ordering them, so it wasn’t just a token gesture, it was an option being gratefully accepted by the punters in line.

I did consider coming up here for a more heartier lunch one day as I saw online via ubereats that they have cottage pie with peas and gravy, and also sausage, mash and gravy. I think though that I might save that treat for when the weather gets a bit colder. I am only 10 minutes walk away and if we are still working from home at that time I could look forward to some comfort food for lunch

As I said up top Cloughies Cob stop is located on Pavilion Road next to the City Ground at Trent Bridge. You can check them out on their Facebook page and they also are on UberEats if you want to see more of their menu offerings

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