Oscars and Rosies: Click and Collect Drive Thru Pizza

Oscar and Rosie’s on Stoney Street street are currently open selling their pizza through a click and collect service. I do love a slice or two, or three of the pizza from this place so when an email popped through my mailbox telling me all about it I was on that ordering site quick smart to get myself a big old Meat Sweats pizza for Saturday afternoon.

The plan was to be in town while there was still a bit of sunshine so that we could ‘walk through‘ the ‘drive thru‘ and have our Pizza in the park or the square or wherever there were some rays of sunshine for some alfresco slice of the pizza action

The Meat Sweat’s Pizza

I am very much set in my Pizza ways when visiting Oscar and Rosie’s and pretty much always order the Meat Sweats (that is the pizza name not a state of affairs). “Cobble Lane artisan pepperoni (pork and beef), award winning local fennel & black pepper pork and smoked streaky bacon, served on Oscar’s Special Tomato sauce” are the toppings together with loads of molten cheese 🙂

We collected at our pre-set time point and adjourned across the road to sit on the steps in the sunshine. We were not alone a few other people had the same idea, some had the even better idea of bringing beer with them. It was a glimpse into the near future where there might be more places offering take out and collection than dine in. On a good day like today I didn’t mind sitting out on the street. If it’s raining I’ll probably end up eating in the nearest door way or bus shelter 🙂 At a push I suppose I could actually drive thru and then eat in the car.

The Meat Sweats was one of the first Pizza I tried back in 2013 when Olly was working the pop up pizza action from the Picnic Basket on Carrington Street. Looking back at that first post (read more here) I said at the time “This combination of toppings together with the excellent crunch of the pizza base made for a dream of a pizza. If I was ordering a whole pizza with just one type of topping then this would have been my (and will be my future) choice.

I have stayed true to my words, and there are a multitude of posts on this blog where I have written about it. I have also in my time eaten all the other pizza options, but I always come back to the ‘Sweats’

Oscar and Rosie’s Drive thru click and collect service is available (at the moment) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. When we ordered the earliest slots were around 3pm, and we bagged the 3.30 slot. I read on the website that they are also doing some delivery for those slots with 3 miles of the restuarant.

Hopefully one day in the near future we will all be able to go back into the Restaurant to dine, but until then I am happy to make do with this slice of opportunity to grab me some pizza!

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