The Little Teahouse in Newark

The Little Teahouse in Newark sits right in the midst of things at the market place. We were in town visiting the market and there were a lot of cafes selling food out of the door to the passing shoppers. I liked the look of this place and as I had never eaten here before I was of course nosey to see what they were offering at the moment

It turned out that they were just gearing up to open for the start of July like many places are doing. Today it was just through the front door, but at the weekend they were hoping to get a few people inside, about 10 they reckoned when we asked. On nice days they can get tables outside as well

The Chalkboard outside did it for me, they had panini and toasted sandwiches, but I suspect most people were being enticed to the doorway with that listed offering of a Bacon Butty and a Bacon and Egg sandwich

It was a bit of a mixed day with showers and sunshine all dropping in and out to say hello. As we waited a rain shower decided to join us, so we were happy to be able to shelter just inside the door as our bacon sandwiches were being prepared

That also meant that we got a good look at the small but enticing selection of cakes and pastries. That was the barrier between us and the cafe at the moment. I have to admit that I really don’t mind a situation where we are kept safely apart by a cake installation. It does have it’s dangers though temptation wise!

The sign on the front of the shop mentioned homemade food and these cakes looked like they had been made by hand. If I hadn’t been in the mood or the need for a bacon sarnie, then I may well have snagged a couple of these to go with my cup of tea for later.

Luckily by the time our Bacon and Egg, and Bacon and Mushroom sandwiches were ready the sun had come back out so we ensconced ourselves on the wall outside the nearby church to tuck in.

Although I would have like my bacon a bit crispier, you cannot really go wrong with any type of breakfast situation between two slices of soft white bread, a classic go to sandwich for any time of the day.

I might get a toasted sandwich next time, I was tempted at the time to get both but you have to pace yourself when on a myfoodhunt bimble as you never know if you might need room for another bite of food when a tasty morsel throws itself at you 🙂

It will be interesting to see how places like this get on over the next few weeks. I am not that bothered about sitting inside at the moment, but I hope that people can safely when they do and that the businesses can get enough trade in to make ends meet and hopefully make some money.


The Little Teahouse in Newark is located at 14 Market Place, Newark, NG24 1UD.

You can check them out also on their Facebook Page

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