Mammas Kitchen in Beeston

Mammas Kitchen in Beeston is located on the High Road right in amongst the action. It is one of several cafes in the area serving breakfasts, cobs, baguettes and wraps as well as a tea and coffees. Basically the classic stuff. It is next door to Hing Kee (read more here) and Cafe 94 (read more here) both of which I had blogged about before when bimbling around Beeston town Centre.

All I really wanted was some sort of Breakfast cob situation, a very familiar position that I often find myself in when out on a blog bimble. I had left the flat with the aim of getting a bacon cob of some sort and a cup of tea and it was good to see that Mammas Kitchen was going to have me covered.

The hot breakfast cob situation menu board was listing everything that I could think of to ask for. The biggest offering was one with any one of four fillings from ‘Bacon, Beans, Mushroom, Hash Brown, Fried Egg, Black Pudding, and Sausage’ for just £3.50 as well, an absolute bargain to my mind


In the end I was somewhat restrained and just got a Bacon and Egg Cob for £2.70, well almost restrained, I started with just the Bacon cob, veered towards ‘bacon, egg AND sausage’ then saw sense 🙂

Anyway it was a might fine effort, pretty big soft white cob, plenty of crispy bacon and a nicely fried egg with a runny yolk that looked like it had been cooked in the same pan as everything else (hope so)

Mammas Special of the day was a ‘Chicken Tikka wrap with salad and mint yogurt’ for £2.70 which also seemed to be a bit of a steal price wise. There was a brief debate about whether there were any wraps left as it was getting near to closing time and we were in tenterhooks for a moment. All was well though as a wrap was located and so said order was happily placed for ‘one of the specials as well please’


Once again I was slightly amazed by just how big this wrap was for the money! It was packed with chunks of chicken tikka and plenty of salad. The actual chicken was not too spicy and the mint yogurt was a perfect foil adding a little lightness and a little freshness to the wrap.

I was a little bit jealous as I had just had a normal cob, I would have been most happy to have had this wrap all to myself, but as it was I was just having to make do with a little taste.

It was after we had ordered that I spied the ‘Breakfast Tray‘ listed on another chalkboard opposite our table. This looked to be another fantastic deal, for just £4.40 you were getting a box filled with “2 x Bacon, 2 x Sausage, 2 x Hash Browns, 1 Egg, Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and 2 x Toast!”

I would have paid that much without the beans, tomatoes and hash browns. I saw some being made up for a pre-order behind the counter and while I kind of wanted one, I knew really that I would have struggled to scoff it all down for a mid morning snack. To be fair though you know that I would have most certainly had a decent attempt to 🙂

This weekend was the first weekend that some places had been able to open up for inside dining. It wasn’t the plan that we would do so, but when we got to Mammas Kitchen and found that we could sit at an actual table inside to eat a cob and have a cup of tea. Well it seemed to be a real treat after all this time!

It is another cafe spot in Beeston that I have added onto my list of places to grab a bite when I am in the town centre doing a bit of shopping.


Mammas Kitchen is located at 98 High Road, Beeston, NG9 2LF

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  1. Meanwhile. in Sherwood, we had nice white cobs, extra thick bacon, mushrooms and black pudding with brown sauce and black pepper. And all without leaving the house. 🙂

    Yours is, however, an acceptable alternative, and the wrap looks excellent. If I ever start travelling again I will have to visit Beeston.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Mother had the wrap. Quality choice. Tbh was expecting a take out but table was free. Had just gone out for a walk food was my excuse for a blog post

      1. Good to hear she’s still trying to keep standards up. 🙂

        We have not been out yet, though we have been having fish and chips on Fridays since the chip shop re-opened.

  2. Amy says:

    Staff here are extremely rude and was swearing and shouting when we took our cob back for it not being correct avoid at all costs

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