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Wolf in Nottingham is one of six outlets in a small franchise purporting to offer ‘Italian Streetfood’ , so that’s Pizza and Pasta then?

We rolled up as Lockdown eased looking for a spot of lunch and were happy to find somewhere quiet and open where we could sit in and eat without any worries

Checking out the board inside they were serving up Pizza, Pasta, Salads and Piada, the first three were pretty straightforward to understand, the last one the Piada was a little more uncommon a term but basically it is a wrap made up of a rolled flatbread filled with pasta and salad it seems.

It was OK though we just wanted Pizza, so didn’t need to worry about that, and how that might work


The Pizza was described as “Pure stonebaked thin crust Pizza topped with, well – whatever you like” saying that their ‘counter is bursting with fresh toppings, take yourpick’

The counter reminded me a lot of your classic Subway or Chipotle style layout, it wasn’t exactly like a deli counter and that kind of put me off trying a salad or a Piada but when I was just having to pick discs of meat as a topping on a pizza it was fine 🙂

We had a classic Margherita, ‘Fresh Tomato & Basil sauce topped Mozzarella‘ essentially a cheese and tomato pizza, and opted to add Pepperoni and Mushrooms as extra toppings. Pricewise you could not really grumble as it was £6.95 for the basic pizza and £7.95 with 2 extra toppings.

I watched the bloke behind the counter top the pizza off and to be fair he made and added it all to order, it wasn’t a pre-made one with stuff being added on as some reviews I had read suggested.

There was a lot of cheese on the pizza, I mean a LOT, it was a bit rubbery as Mozzeralla can be and it was a bit creamy and sweet but I kind of liked that, it wasn’t too salty and the tomato sauce had a nice taste

The topping were sufficient, I liked the pepperoni, but the pizza maybe could have done with a little longer in the oven to crisp up the base and cook those mushrooms a bit more.

Having said that it was a decent size and enough to share between two people without feeling short changed portion wise, and I was happy enough with what we got.

All in all though we had a quite enjoyable and relaxed time sitting in the window seats eating our pizza and having a hot drink. Despite the Covid set up, staff in masks etc, it was a very friendly and well run place and we felt comfortable and safe

Some of the things on the menu really did read quite well and conjured up hungry thoughts enticing me to think about ordering them if I came again. The Spicy Meatball Diavolo ‘Penne tossed in Diavolo sauce, spicy meatballs, hot mixed peppers, rocket, and mozzeralla‘ sounded good, until I remembered seeing the meatballs, peppers and salads sitting in containers on the counter. I think I would prefer a little more mystery behind the food.

This branch in Nottingham is located at 34 Market Street, up alongside the tram line almost at the top near the Theatre Royal.

You can check Wolf out on their social channels,

their Twitter Feed, their Instagram Profile, and their Facebook Page

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