The Pig Mac Burger by PORCO

PORCO were at the Nottingham Street Food Club this last weekend helping to celebrate the clubs 2nd Birthday. Jez had conjured up a really amazing burger for the weekend called the Pig Mac, his take on the classic Big Mac to help draw the crowds in.

To showcase the Burger this illustration had been created, I would love this image on a T-shirt! It really captured the spirit of a local burger over mass produced chain burger to me, give me a local street food burger any day.

Anyways what about that Burger I hear you ask?

The Pig Mac Burger

The official description on the menu for The Pig Mac was “2 Free Range Pork Patties, 2 Rashers of Smoked Bacon, House Pickles, Cheese, Porco Mac Sauce, Brioche Bun” all for the price of £8.

The Pork Burger patties were immense, they smashed down a golf ball sized meat ball onto the hot plate to make each burger, then added alongside a couple of strips of bacon to sizzle up and make the magic. Pop a couple of slices of cheese on top of each burger and then slide everything into your bun.

Layering is as you see, Bacon, Lettuce, Porco sauce, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, salad, Porco sauce , bun #nice

I just had to swivel the burger around so that I could get a great shot of that crispy Smoked bacon. It was really good, super flavour and very crisp, I liked that it still had a good rind left on the slice, even though it was harder to chew through, I don’t care. I am a bacon fiend and you need the rind and fat to make it a great slice.

It was not that pretty but it was very tasty, I had worried that the Pork would dry out too easily, but these thin patties were pretty moist and tender. I think having them thin and seared quickly on the flat top works really well

I really liked this burger, it is going to be in the Nottingham Food Blog Burger Chart for sure when I post that later in the year. It was a little unwieldy to eat as there was a lot of stuff shoved inside that toasted sesame topped bun and it was hard to hold onto. I forgave that as the actual burgers, the bacon, and the Porco mac sauce were too awesome to make me care that juice was all over my face and that the lettuce was falling out as I chowed down.

The menu at PORCO was pretty simple with basically a Burger, a couple of Grilled Cheese sandwiches, and some loaded fries. I heard that the Dirty Fries were immense. A few people I spoke to were a bit sad that they didn’t have their amazing Porchetta on sale. I was OK as I was after the burger and I got one (insert smug emoji here)

I asked Jez about the Porchetta and he said that they would be back at the Taste of Rushcliffe in West Bridgford in June and would have it on sale there. So that was something to look forward too. It is a really great bit of food.

I hope that before then PORCO aka Jez will be back at Nottingham Street Food Club but if not I think you may find them at Bustler in Derby and you can check out their Instagram and Facebook page to see if they are cooking up some goodness elsewhere

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