Pizza, Mac N Cheese at Oscar and Rosies: Lunch Offer

There may be other pretenders to the Pizza Crown in the City but my go to choice is still Oscar and Rosie’s on Stoney Street. I have been scoffing down their pizza, well mostly their ‘Meat Sweats‘ pizza on a reasonably regular basis since 2013, since I first met them at the Picnic Basket by the Train station. I was so glad that I found them 🙂

Anyways, back to the present day, at a lunchtime you can get a pizza, a slightly smaller 11 inch one, and / or a bowl of Mac N Cheese for £7. In the evening it is like 14 quid for a 14 incher.

The lunchtime sized pizza is more than enough for me as long as we still get a mac n cheese ‘to share’. That is our tactic when we hit up Ollys Gaff for lunch.

The Mac ‘N’ Cheese Menu

I love the pizzas here at Oscar and Rosies but I also really love a bowl of their Mac N Cheese. I might not be in agreement with the sort of pasta that they use, or even sometimes the level of sauceiness that you get, but I do love the flavours and the cheese combinations that Ollie and the gang employ

Ages ago I met up with Olly before they opened up on Thurland Street near to Yamas Tapas and he gave me a bowl of the Mac ‘n’ Cheese with the Mushroom, Taleggio cheese and Tarragon in it. I loved it back then and I still love it now. So this time when I got to choose that was the one I picked 🙂

Thyme Roasted Mushroom Mac and Cheese

One of my favourite Mac N Cheese bowls that they serve here at Oscar and Rosies is the “Thyme Roasted Flat & Wild Mushrooms, Taleggio Cheese, Fresh Tarragon” one. Normally this is £8.50, but the lunchtime deal is £7.50…. and to be honest I reckon that it is actually the same size so total bonus.

I love the flat mushrooms, they are sliced really thinly and absorb loads of flavour, they are quite meaty as well which I like. The Taleggio cheese and whatever other cheeses Olly adds to the blend make a very rich and creamy sauce. Sometimes there is not enough runny sauce in the Mac N Cheese, but this particular combination seems to be nice and runny.

The Meat Sweats Pizza

I know that I should really order some of the other pizza combinations at Oscar and Rosie’s but you know me I always navigate my way towards the Meat Sweats. Whenever I order a pizza I usually do order pizza topped with some sort of sliced sausage like pepperoni

The ingredient that makes the Meat Sweats so special is the fennel and black pepper pork sausage meat that they add to the toppings. It brings a really unique flavour profile to the pizza.

Anyway you don’t have to order this pizza, but if you are dining with me and want to share a pizza you are not going to have a choice. I might let you choose the Mac N Cheese though (Maybe, but probably not)

Oscar and Rosies is located at 8 Stoney Street in Nottingham, on a corner of Stoney Street and Warser Gate, close to the Old Angel Pub and Lace Market Fish Bar Chip Shop

Check them out on their Website, Facebook, Twitter (not much)

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