The Spiced Lamb Burger at Smoqued

I checked into Smoqued at Nottingham Street Food Club on Thursday night to see what was on offer, I was just passing by and was feeling a bit peckish, it was raining so I figured a good time to eat and have a beer. I perused the menu board and picked out the Spiced Lamb Burger which sounded good. So I ordered one 🙂

I have had some of their burgers before and they have always been very tasty, sometime a little bit spicy but I am always happy to gamble, as they usually have a lot of great flavours in them

Spiced Lamb Burger

The Smoqued menu board described this Spicy Lamb Burger as “House spiced Lamb patty, baracoa mayo, beef tomato, melted cheese, pink pickles, lettuce, toasted Brioche bun”

I liked the burger patty covered with a cloak of melted cheese, the lamb was well flavoured, with some great spicing, and the burger itself was really juicy, in fact the juices were dripping out of the bun when I picked it up and I had to do the ‘burger hunch’ to avoid shirt spillage.

I love the pink pickles, and I like the restrained amounts of salad, I wasn’t sure where the sweetcorn came from, it wasn’t mentioned in the detail but appeared in my bun. I suppose it was charred corn so fits the theme, and it was also quite a good addition to the mouthful.

I like the spicy mayo that they call Baracoa mayo, they seem to have got the balance of heat and spice just about right now. Once when first had one of the Smoqued Lamb burgers it was all a bit too spicy, but now either I had got used to it or they have tamed the beast down a bit (read about the Lamb Barbaco Burger here)

I really enjoyed this bit of Streetfood action from Smoqued, they really have a lot of great flavour in their food. I understand that they have recently been over to Mexico to do a bit of eating and research, so I am looking forward to seeing some new menu items

You can follow Smoqued on their Twitter Feed ,on their Facebook Page., and on their Instagram Profile where they are always posting pictures of the food just to whet your appetite a little bit more

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