Back to Bun Mii for a bowl of Chicken Pho

Bun Mii on George Street in Nottingham is a super little cafe serving up ‘Healthy & Natural Vietnamese Food’. I have eaten here a fair bit over the last couple of years and have managed to blog about most of the things on their menu.

The first time I visited it was all about their Beef Pho (read more here) and then the next time I posted it was about their noodle dish the Bun Thit Nuong and the Banh Mi (read about those visits here)

Today we were here in post lockdown mode to see how they were getting on and hoping for some more great food.


I like that they keep things simple here at Bun Mii by having a menu with just four core items on it. I like that as you know that they are cooking your choice over and over again and so it’s gonna be a consistent product that you get.

I struggled though still with my selection as I really wanted the Pho, the Bun Thit Nuong, and the Banh Mi. In the end I opted for the Chicken Pho and me Mam had the Bahn Mi with meatballs


I had not had the Chicken Pho at Bun Mii before, usually I have had the Beef with the original beef broth. I really liked the Chicken version though, it was a lot cleaner flavor wise in the broth and it all felt like a nice light and healthy meal. There was a lot of chicken, loads of noodles and plenty of those green aromatics floating about in the broth. If you like coriander leaf, and sliced green scallions you will be in heaven.

I had forgotten just how large the bowls of Pho at Bun Mii were, or maybe I hadn’t and they had just got larger! This was only supposed to have been a little lunchtime snack as we wandered around town but it was turning into a full on stuff your face with noodles exercise.

I was still glad though that I took on the bowl, but I did resist my usual urge to slurp all the broth down at the end as I knew that would have been several mouthfuls too far today


The other dish we ate was one of their Banh Mi with Meat Balls for £4. What is a Banh Mi? well the menu explains describing it as “Vietnamese baguette, pate, mayonnaise, chilli sauce, pickled salad, coriander, and cucumber

I do love the Banh Mi here at Bun Mi, they are always packed full of fresh crunchy salad. I was worried that the meatballs might just get squashed down inside the baguette, but these ones were still pretty round and held their shape well so you got a nice meaty bite of ball as you chowed down.

I had never ventured further than the counter and the stools in the window on previous visits so it was nice to sit in the back room on a proper table. It really is a very well lit and bright space back there. It felt very cosy and comfortable and I like the way it had been decorated.

Sitting on the stools in the window though is kind of more fun as you feel like you are right inside the action and you never know who you will be sitting by. I suppose though in these times that is not practical for distancing reasons so table service it is. I can go posh every now and then.

I was very happy to find this place open and busy so I hope that they are doing well now post lockdown. This may well be one of a number of repeat place blogs as I am meandering about town checking up on old faves at the moment, so just bear with me and enjoy the food blog nostalgia as I do my thing.

You can find Bun Mii on George Street, number 38 to be more precise, in Nottingham NG1 3BE and also on their Facebook page

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