Sunday Lunch at the Roundhouse

The Roundhouse in Nottingham was taken over by the team behind the excellent award winning Bakehouse in Sherwood earlier in the year. We really meant to hit them up for Sunday Lunch back in March but then Covid reared it’s head and lockdown happened so we missed our chance.

This weekend we were up by the Castle finishing off the Wise Owl Trail by the Robin Hood Statue, we were hungry, it was a Sunday and our thoughts turned back to wonder if we could get one just up the road at the Roundhouse.


The Sunday Menu was offering up three Sunday dinners, a ‘Roast Rib of Doveridge Beef‘, ‘Butter Roasted Chicken’, and ‘Twice Cooked Nottinghamshire Pork Belly‘. I could have happily chosen any of those three.


We both had Roast Beef or as the menu described it “Roast Rib of Doveridge Beef” officially this came with ‘Roast Potatoes, Braised Red Cabbage, Roast Carrots, Yorkshire Pudding, Ales Gravy & Horseradish Hollandaise‘ However neither of us are that keen on the Red Cabbage so we swapped that out for ‘Buttered Greens‘ instead.

It also came with a pile of French Beans and some Roasted Parsnip, we added a side of ‘Cauliflower Cheese’ as well. I mean why not, in for a penny in for a pound! (well £3.95) Part of me kinda fancied getting a side of those ‘Pigs in Blankets‘ too, but that was just the greedy side of me so I deferred in my head to common sensibility.

The highlights for me was the Beef itself which really was so tasty, the roasted chanterelle carrots and batons of parsnip were truly amazing, I do not know what they had coated them in but I could eat these all day, there was garlic in there and plenty of seasoning, you did not need to add any more salt or pepper.

The Cauliflower cheese was good, with a nice gently cheesy sauce, I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself so it was a shame that we had to share it. I enjoyed the surprise green beans, they were a bit hard which I don’t mind but other people may not be so keen.

I really liked the Ales Gravy and was pleased that we were able to get some more without question. I was surprised at how much I was enjoying the Horseradish Hollandaise, I was worried that it may overpower everything but it was surprisingly restrained and was not showing off at all. I would like the recipe for that.

The only downside on the plate was the Yorkshire pudding which was a bit chewy and tough even though I doused it in extra gravy to try and bring it back to life. It does not help that my Mum makes the best Yorkshires so it was unlikely that they would be able to match up anyway.

I have to say that the Food was excellent and I was glad that we decided to come and try it. There was a lot on the plate, plenty of meat and lots of really well prepared vegetables. It was nice that there seemed to be a lot of thought put into the way that they were all cooked. So much so that if there had been no meat on the plate I reckon that I would have been just as happy with a plate of their veg.

Drinks wise I think I had a pint of Bakers Boy from Welbeck Abbey Brewery, I say think as I didn’t catch the name, but it came in a Welbeck Abbey glass and I could see that it was what was on offer via untapped that day. Pitiful blog effort I admit, but excellent back tracking research even if I do say so myself.

The Roundhouse Sunday lunch was £15 for one course which was what we were doing. I honestly do not know how anyone manages to eat three courses as the main was so large all by itself.

It is good value both for quality and for quantity, food wise we loved trying the place out and the Sunday Lunch is right up there on my list of the best in town.

The Roundhouse is located at Royal Standard Place, Nottingham NG1 6FW and you can check them out on their Facebook page, and on their Instagram profile

Note: Food was great, but the initial service was a right nightmare, fair enough though as we had been in a difficult time. I always say if food is good though let it be.

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