Sunday Lunch at Fellows Morton and Clayton

Fellows, Morton & Clayton or FMC as we call the place for short was our port of call by the canal for Sunday Lunch this week. I have eaten and imbibed here a lot over the years and have blogged several times about the place. In that time a number of landlords and Landladies have been and gone and sometimes I am not sure if it is someone new or not.

Foodwise overall it has been pretty fair, I have had some really great meals and I have had some that I would describe as your classic basic pub food. The ones that feature on the blog are ones that I chose to recall for various reasons and since I have at least 6 posts on the site, over the years the publicans have been getting something right more often than not

Anyway it is a pub that I do like and that I do not come to often enough, they usually have beers on tap that I like, in particular beers from Shipstones, and today it was to be from the Blue Monkey Brewery. It is also a proper pub that has little nooks and crannies where you can tuck yourself away at in the front of the pub as well as a big area at the back where you can eat and watch the footy.

The Chalkboard outside was offering ‘Great Roasts, Unlimited Yorkies, and Bottomless Gravy’ which seemed like a fair reason to walk through the door for our Sunday Lunch. We were coming in anyway but always nice to think that you are going to get a little bit of extra bonus food.


We both had the BEEF described as “21-day aged topside of British beef” for £12.95 which is a little high of a price point in a pub I felt but we were happy to give it a go and anyway we were getting unlimited yorkshire puddings after all. The menu said that the Roasts were “All served with yorkies, rosemary roasted potatoes, cauliflower cheese, carrots, greens & gravy


The slices of beef were tasty if a little thick making them a bit chewy, I think if they were cut just a little thinner then they would have been about right. I did like that we had plenty of gravy and sometimes that is all that you need to make a Sunday Lunch.

The Roast potatoes were also good , crispy skins and fluffy inside, the only downside for me is that there were only a few, I would have liked unlimited Roasties instead of unlimited Yorkies.

The carrots might have just been the best thing on the plate and I do not often say that, and the kale or whatever the green stuff was on the plate was decent too. It was a good job that they was unlimited gravy as I did need that

This was a pretty acceptable plate of Sunday lunch all things said and with a decent pint of bitter from the local(ish) Blue Monkey brewery I was pretty happy overall

I enjoyed eating at the FMC mostly because they were so friendly and we felt relaxed given the current situation. If I am totally honest I have eaten better Sunday lunches in the city since the lockdown ended, but as good as those were the service and welcome was not as good as it was here at the Fellows

Fellows, Morton & Clayton is located at at 54 Canal Street in Nottingham. You can also check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile

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  1. Spot on! I’ve bene here a couple of times and totally agree…a proper pub

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      yep a proper boozer, footy and beer 🙂

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