Bimble to Boathouse Cafe at Beeston Marina

The Boat House Cafe by Beeston Marina is a terrific place to stop at when out on a walk along the river. We end up bimbling our way here several times a year and every so often I end up writing a blog post about the place.

This visit was just before they announced that Nottingham was about to enter Tier 3 of lockdown and none of us including the owners knew if that meant that the cafe would be able to stay open or not.

As it was it we could not sit inside or outside and all the tables were piled up making place looked like it was shut. Fortunately they were open this day and at least we got to pop in out of the rain for a few moments while we ordered and waited for our scan


The Boathouse Cafe’s Covid menu was a much smaller affair yet it was good enough for us as it had things that we fancied.

If it had been a bit dryer outside, and we were confident of a dry seat to eat, I may well have had a Small Breakfast for £5. I have had one before from the cafe and I was pretty happy with what I had that day (read more here)

As it was though a Cheeseburger for £2.50 and a Sausage Cob for £2 were the choice of champions and a hot cup of tea and coffee were just the thing to warm us up.


The Sausage Cob was a classic greasy spoon cafe effort. That sounds a bit harsh on the Boathouse Cafe as I don’t see it as a old skool greasy spoon, but its kind of treading that line (in a good way)

The soft white cob was filled up with a couple of cheap catering sausages sliced in half, lovely stuff and just what we wanted and expected. Add a bit of red or brown sausage and you have yourself a tasty little breakfast cob in your hands


The Cheeseburger did not look too clever but it was just what I wanted and it had that familiar feel and taste of many a burger I have had from a road side cafe, a fairground or the van outside the football.


As it happened we did find a dry spot to sit and eat our food, and drink our Tea and Coffee. It was a bit of a cheeky one though as we perched ourselves under the shelter of the pub next door that was shut for business.

Of course it was typical that as soon as we did shelter from the rain the sun chose to make an appearance!

No matter we were grateful for what we had found and as we warmed up from the rays of sun poking through the clouds and from the hot meal were were enjoying, life certainly seemed a lot brighter and we perked up ready for our walk back home.

I hope that we can have many more walks up to visit the Boathouse Cafe in the coming years when the weather gets warmer and the world opens back up again


The Boathouse cafe is located at 1a Riverside Rd, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1NA


As always we are happy to see ‘Lucky Robin’ one of the Robins from the Hoodwinked Trail of 2018 in his new home here at the Marina.

It had started life as “Max Superhero at the weekends” sitting outside the Cornerhouse before being bought at auction and re-homed here, where he has been renamed and turned into a money box.

As per usual we took our photos and dropped our coins through the slot. 🙂


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