Fish Bites from Moulin Rouge

Today we were having a very simple meal from the Moulin Rouge in town, everything was shutdown and there were not too many options. No dining in, so chippy action seemed to be the best of what we could find.

I have been to eat inside the Moulin Rouge in the past (read more here) and I have had a few bags of chips on my way to the pub in my time as well.

They do seem to offer very reasonable deals at the best of times anyway with “Fish, Chips and Sauce” being available for £3.40 and “Sausage, Chips and Sauce” being just £3.20. Sauce if you wonder is not just gravy or curry sauce, but also beans and mushy peas.

We were planning to share so got Cod Bites with chips and peas to take away (well that was the only option anyway at the moment)


I know that this really was a really simple effort, just a bag of chips, fish bites and mushy peas. However when there is nothing much open and you are just glad to pick up a bite of food where you can it was actually a most welcome meal

We sat out on one of the concrete benches in Trinity square and attacked our take out bag from the chippy with two proper forks that I had the foresight to carry with me for just such an occasion

Considering that this takeout was less that a fiver I was really pleasantly surprised at how many cod bites we had been given. It was practically the same as getting a decent piece of fish!

The batter was hot straight from the fryer, nice and crisp but maybe a little bit greasy if I was being picky. It was nice that they were cooked to order as I don’t like getting the stuff that has been hanging about on the counter. My only complaint was that there were 5 fish bites which is a pain if you are sharing the dish . I had three bits so I don’t know why I bothered mentioning it lol

The chips were a bit soggy due to the mound of food piled on top of them and they had steamed a little as a result. I was not that worried about that though as I kind of like them like that.

There was almost too many mushy peas poured over the chips, or green sauce as they call it at Moulin Rouge. I had seen the man behind the counter with his ladle of peas too late to ask him to put them in a pot so we could have them as a side, next time I will I know to ask!

All in all though you really cannot grumble at the portion of food that you got for your money and it was just the perfect fodder to fill us up on a damp cold afternoon before walking home.


Moulin Rouge is located at 5 Trinity Square, the big open area at the back of the Corner House

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