Momma Bains – Samosas, Chickpea Curry and Tamarind Chutney from the Chippy

Sat Bains launched #MommaBains during the latest lockdown at the end of November featuring the home cooked Punjabi recipes and food from his Mums kitchen that he and his family have enjoyed when they are at home. All the backstory and details of their offerings can be found on their website (read more here)

The first bites they dished up to us were their Samosas, a Chickpea curry and a Tamarind chutney, initially available locally at the Cods Scallops chain of outlets.

We picked up one of everything from the Cods Scallops in Sherwood, click and collect style and took them away to eat in the car over on the nearby Forest Recreation ground.


The best part of the meal was the “Chickpea Curry (Sholay) with tomatoes and spices” I really like the crunchiness of the chickpeas and the sweet spiciness of the sauce. I could have easily eaten another pot of this!

The imli or Tamarind chutney, a ‘sweet fruity dipping sauce’ was a little bit of genius , it was great for dipping the samosa in, and also nice stirred into a spoonful of the chickpea curry where it added a little bit of a tangy taste sensation. I recommend doing both!


The initial hype was all about the samosas which have a lovely backstory on the Mommabains website where you can read about how Sat Bains would look forward to the times when his Mum made them for the family. The menu at the Cods Scallops where we picked ours up from described them as “Hand-filled pastry parcels with potato, peas, and spices”

I did like the ones that we ate, very crunchy casing and a nice lightly spiced filling of a smooth paste mixed with chunks of potato and some peas. I was a little torn over these, as while I loved eating them, I kind of wanted a bigger one or more for my money. It felt a bit steep paying £3.50 from the chippy for one, but then when you read that each one is handmade by the chefs at RSB including Sat himself you have to weigh that up in your mind. Having said that I really want one made by his Mum!

As I noted we picked our food up from the Cods Scallops over on Mansfield Road at Sherwood where we have always enjoyed getting our Fish and Chips in recent years (read more here)

If you are not taking your Mommabains home then my top tip is ‘ have the foresight to pack a spoon as it would have been tricky to eat as a take out in the car’ without one 🙂

You can also get your fix from the other Cods Scallops shops in Wollaton and Long Eaton, and the one in Market Harborough.

I did see some tale that you can pick up the Chickpea Curry and Samosa from No 8 Deli in West Bridgford too but I have not been over to check that out yet

Further afield in Norfolk you can get Mommabains from No 1 Cromer Fish and Chips in erm well Cromer, another fantastic Fish and Chip shop (read more here) and also in Cornwall at Steins both Padstow and Newquay.

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  1. I see thy are advertising another competition win on a poster in Huntingdon St – we were saying we really must go. Samosas would need to be big for £3.50 regardless of who made them.

    I keep saying w should get out more, but I have got out of the habit and a once a week trip to Captain Cod is all we manage.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      They are nice but expensive it’s true,

      1. WE are lucky because we have a local shop doing them, so we can eat them with out own curries.

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