Lunch at The Cods Scallops

The Cods Scallops group has had many plaudits over recent years and with good reason. They do serve up some excellent food and one of their outlets did win the National Fish and Chip Awards in 2020. That was the branch in Wollaton which was the groups first branch, since then they have grown to open outlets in Sherwood (where we are today), Long Eaton, Market Harborough, and most recently in Harbourne.

I have written about the place a couple of times on the blog, originally about the Wollaton branch in 2013, and also about this Carrington location in 2016. I have however eaten here many times since over the years.

Today I was having a plate of Cod and Chips, with Mushy peas and the accompaniment of a pot of tartar sauce that comes with the dish (no extra charge)

I always used to get the Haddock but over the last couple of years I moved back to Cod as it is more consistent up and down the country and they serve it without the skin on everywhere

It was a really excellent plate of food today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I nearly always do here at the Cod’s Scallops when I eat inside, but I had a couple of takeouts during lockdown that I had not enjoyed as much

The batter was supurb, light and crispy, the cod fillet inside juicy and flakey and super fresh. The chips were spot on as well, almost a little too golden, but fluffy inside, a solid effort all around.

Mushy peas, smooth and creamy sauce with a little slight crunch to the pea, the tartar sauce is a proper sauce and goes well with every dip of chip.

I devoured it all with much gusto, It does help if you are really in the mood and if you are really hungry as well! But even with all that being true, it just is really good here

Since the last time I was eating here they had stopped cooking the chips and fish in beef dripping and a few people said that you could not tell the difference. I like to think that I could though as it was not the flavour but the way that the batter was lighter or more airy and crispier.


I had this takeout cooked in vegetable oil and I reckon that Colour wise it takes on a much more golden and lighter hue and is less crispy. The chips also were not as good in my opinion but that is just my take on it, I aint the judge and jury just a man who likes his fish and chips

It is always a little different eating out of a box in the park compared to eating on a plate straight from the kitchen so maybe it was just that. Also that particular day it was new season potatoes so a whole different ball game.

Since I last dined in at the Cods Scallops they also have started serving the offerings from Momma Bains in the restaurant. I had this last December when it was collection only and made a special trip to try it (read more here)

It is very tasty stuff and if you think that it is a bit expensive you should look and see how much they are charging at No 1 Cromer and in Rick Steins!

It is worth having it at least once though, just consider it a treat, and one that you will probably try again 🙂

As always I really enjoyed eating in the restaurant at the Cods Scallops. I do prefer my chippy tea from the takeaway hatch but just every now and again I like to feel posh and eat it off a plate with a knife and fork!

They are very well organised, cook it all fresh to order and always serve you with a smile even when times are troubled and people are a bit more fraught.

Located in Sherwood or Carrington depending on what your map says that day

This restaurant is officially at 13 Mansfield Road, Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 2DA 

You can also check them out on Check them out as well on Facebook and on Twitter and on Instagram

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