The Bean and Vine in Newark

The Bean & Vine Coffee Lounge and Bistro is located in Newark’s historic market place inside what was once a chemists. I glean that based purely on the old signage above the front door, not through any rigorous research.

At the moment they are just offering takeaway food, which was what we had, but I just could not resist checking out their menu online for another day in the future when hopefully we can sit inside

There is a very high probability that I will be having the Bean & Vine Breakfast for £8.95 which is listed as being a plate filled with “2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomato, hash browns, and 2 toast”. That is of course assuming that I manage to get here in the morning before 12 noon!

The rain drop splattered chalkboard outside on the wet pavement suggested offering of Breakfast sandwiches and Paninis. A much welcomed thought on a dreary wet day.

The takeaway menu in the window offered more with Homemade beef lasagne for £5.95 and filled Jacket potatoes for £4.25. I fancied both to warm me up but with the market place being wet from the rain there was not really anywhere dry to perch and eat something like that so we fell back on our first thoughts of sandwiches that we could eat as we walked along.


As expected I had the Sausage sandwich for £3 with an egg added for an extra 50p (mushrooms and tomatoes were also on offer). I suppose that those of you that know me well would have expected I would get a bacon sandwich but occasionally I do deviate (slightly)

Being a bit of a numpty I did drop half off the sandwich on the floor as I walked away somewhat to my dismay. I was so sad to see it tumble from the bag onto the wet pavement. It was my fault really as I was told to hold it carefully as it was handed to me.

Having said that the lovely people from Bean & Vine said not to worry, went back inside and came back out with another half sandwich filled with sausage. Such excellent consideration and just the sort of service that makes me want to come back again to visit them again.


We also had a Panini with tuna mayo that was also £3, other fillings of ‘Ham & Cheese’, ‘Goats Cheese and Onion Chutney’ and ‘Brie and Cranberry’ were also available at the same price. The last two sounding quite posh and fancy for that price!

This picture was just of half the panini which on its own was enough food for a lunchtime snack and just shows how good value it was at £3!


As we waited for our sandwiches we had our noses pushed up against the window drooling over the handmade cakes and biscuits that they were selling. Now in itself that would normally be a pretty safe option but in these times one often ends up succumbing to temptation as you have time to think too much.

It was to be the case today as we ending up with a mince pie and a shortbread cake that looked like a fancy jammie dodger. It was all good though as once we got home we had a couple of treats to go with the hot cup of tea that we needed to warm us up from the miserable weather outside.

The Bean & Vine is located at 5 Market Place, NG24 1DU in Newark Upon Trent right on the edge of the Market Square as you may have surmised already from the address. You can check them out on their Website ,on their Facebook page, and on their Instagram profile

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