Burg – Smash burgers in Mapperley on the Plains Road.

Burg has opened up recently on Plains Road selling Smash Burgers from a small outlet opposite the excellent Bread and Bitter pub and just a few minutes away from the Plains Fish bar and Hoo Tak takeaway.

I had been driving past for a while waiting for them to open, then a couple of weeks back insta errupted slightly with posts and pictures of some rather tasty looking and possibly messy burgers that I knew I needed to eat.

I had a mission to complete

The menu at Burg described their smashed beef burgers as being ‘made fresh to order from grass-fed hmc certified Aberdeen Angus beef and toasted brioche buns’

They had a few basic beef burgers on offer, the Classic Cheese Burg, The Hot Smash, and the Big Chuck n Cheese. We ignored the spicy sounding one and just concentrated on the Cheese Burgers ordering one of each

I loved the packaging that the burgers came in, the bag saying in big letters “GOT MY BURG” is my sort of statement when carrying my food back to the car. It is pretty eye catching and a good bit of marketing. Would be a really good T-shirt to have with that message sprawled across it.

Inside we had two foil wrapped burgers labelled “Big Chuck n Cheese“, and “Classic Cheese Burg” which was good as we could not easily tell the difference once unwrapped

The Classic Cheese Burg for £6.95 was billed as being ‘smashed beef, cheese, lettuce, house pickles, secret burg sauce’

There was a good layering of meat, salad and sauce inside the bun, the brioche is not my favourite of the burger buns but this was a pretty nice bit of bread, soft enough and lightly toasted to give a bit of chew and a bit of crunch

I like the melted cheese and would have liked a bit more, that was an option to add extra cheese and maybe next time I would do just that to make it into more of a cheese festival

I liked all the flavors in the burger sandwich, the pickles and the burg sauce gave most of the taste, little bit sharp with the pickle and the secret sauce was basically a fancier thousand island dressing. If I was asked to guess what was in it I would say ketchup, yellow mustard, mayo and pickle juice.

The Chuck n Cheese was supposed to be a little big bigger saying “Love cheese! double smashed beef, double cheese, lettuce, house pickles, secret burg sauce” but was only a little bit more expensive at £7.95

If I am honest I could not really tell the difference between the two burgers, one might have been a bit meatier than the other one but it was hard to tell that. I think if you want a really meaty burger you need to order the extra patty to double it up as the burgers are quite thin once smashed down onto the grill.

We had a bit of both and I enjoyed mine more, as I imagined that I had the bigger burger and that was enough to make me believe that I was the winner on the park bench burger scoffing arena

I will be heading back to Burg to get some more burgers in the near future, I like what I tried so far and I know that they are just getting going so they may have a few adjustments to make as they get used to cooking for the masses.

As I suggested, I would take the option to add more cheese and more meat to my next order just to pimp them a little bit for more burger satisfaction

I want to try their attempt at a Philly Cheesesteak as the photos of that on instagram look good and also some of their loaded fries, so I have plenty of reasons to come back!

At the moment they are restricted to click and collect and that in itself is not easy as they sell out of collection slots pretty quickly. Instagram posts told me that the website was open for pre-order at 9am so after breakfast I ordered for a 2pm collection, an hour later I looked and only a few slots were left, not long later and were all gone. It seems that they are pretty popular!


Located at 884 Woodborough Road, NG3 5QR in Nottingham on Mapperley Plains

You can also check Burg out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile

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