Burg Burgers in West Bridgford

Burg Burgers just opened their third branch in the county this time in West Bridgford serving up more of their excellent Smash Burgers. This was fantastic news especially as this one is in walking distance from my flat down by the river although that could be dangerous to the waistline when I get the burger munchies, oh well 😎πŸ₯³

I was tempted to go on Sunday the opening day but wanted to avoid the crowds so instead we took a cheeky Monday lunchtime trip over to the new spot. It was a good plan as we had the place to ourselves and had the time to take it all in, far more relaxing.

I last wrote about their burgers in 2020 when I visited their store on Woodborough Rd on Mapperley (read more here). A bit out of the way for me but I’ll travel anyway for a good smash burger πŸ”πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜


I like to take my burgers plain and simple so I was ordering the BACON CHEESE which was β€œTwo smashed beef patties, cheese, turkey bacon rashers, secret Burg sauce”

I wasn’t sure about the turkey bacon but I was willing to give it a go, the main thing for me was two smash burgers covered in cheese. I could taste the joy of it as a combination as I was reading the description off the menu.

I nearly had the AMERICAN CHEESE which was topped with ‘cheese, diced onion, house pickles, American Mustard and Tomato Ketchup‘ purely as it is such a classic combination. In the end though I stuck with my Bacon Cheese burger as it felt more pure and simple in the moment and in the end I was right to do so.

The smashed burger patties were done to perfection, nicely charred and seared on the flat top, still a little juicy but with nice crisp edges.

The turkey bacon was a revelation, it too was crispy and crunchy adding both some saltiness and texture to the bite. Sure I would prefer bacon from a pig but I take what I am given and today it was thus.

If I am at all picky I would have liked a lot more cheese, and to be fair there was plenty enough inside the bun, I just like a cheeseburger where it oozes out and drapes the patty like a warm comfort blanket. I mean a man can wish can he not?

It is a damn good burger, one for the purist and true aficionado, just perfect for a simple man just out to get some burger joy into his life on a damp and dreary day.


THE CRISPY NEW YORKER was billed as β€œTwo smashed beef patties, cheese, lashings of cheese sauce, nachos, lettuce, tomato, house pickles, secret Burg sauce” Β£7.50

This was a slightly more adventurous choice yet a rather good decision as it so happens. The stars of this burger are the cheese sauce, it’s like that liquid cheese which is so wrong and yet so right at the same time, and the nachos that shouldn’t work in a burger but somehow do as they add a bit of texture and a nice crunch as you bite in.

I really would have liked a better photo but its hard when they wrap the burgers up, everything gets a bit squished and to be fair why shouldn’t it? We are here to eat burgers not enter a photography contest but don’t tell that to the instagram crowd who may prefer to take a hundred photos to get a good one and then eat cold burgers. What’s that? yes I am a hypocrite but I eat my burgers when they are hot. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

This is another solid burger combination, everything in between the bun was well balanced and well thought out. Nothing was outstaying it’s welcome and all in all a jolly good effort


As we were waiting for our burgers they brought out some sample pots of their MESSY FRIES. They were doing it during the initial launch days to give the locals a little taster of what else they had to offer

First up was the BEEF – β€˜strips of seasoned Aberdeen Angus beef, caramelised onions, cheese sauce, chopped chives, crispy onions, secret Burg sauce all loaded on top of our house fries’

I really did love these, the strips of beef were tender and seasoned really well, the cheese sauce and burg sauce was a perfect mix for my tastes and the soft potato fries were a great foil in this pot


Next was the PERI PERI – β€˜strips of grilled peri peri chicken, caramelised onions, cheese sauce, chopped chives, crispy onions, secret Burg sauce all loaded on top of our house fries’

I thought that this one might be a bit too hot but it was very gently spiced so you got more flavour than anything too overpowering . I liked that better than a big ole chilli blast of heat

I would definitely order a full side of either instead of fries next time as they are both really tasty and packed with flavour. Also I do love the β€˜grooved’ fries as they are excellent for scooping sauce up with 😎πŸ₯³πŸ‘

I had ordered waffle fries with my burger and they were good but were even better when dipped into the left over sauce from these ‘messy fries’

Note to self: ditch the fries and get the loaded messy ones.

Self: duly noted

I am very happy to haveΒ @burgburgersΒ in the neighbourhood and we will definitely be back for more excellent smash burger action and I might even have a few cheeky Deliveroo orders (just for research purposes) πŸ‘

This branch of Burg Burgers is located in Lady Bay / West Bridgford on the corner of Pierrepoint Road and Trent Blvd. The official address being 104 Trent Blvd, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5BL

Check out Burg Burgers on their Website and Instagram Profile

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