Vat and Fiddle: Fish and Chip Friday

The Vat and Fiddle launched their new menu recently and I was truly delighted to see that they had included ‘Homemade Fish & Chips‘ as one of their Main Meals

Finally I can write up a proper Fish and Chip Friday post from the Vat and Fiddle in Nottingham.

In the past I have half halfheartedly made attempts to turn ‘Scampi and Chips‘ or a ‘Fish Finger sandwich‘ into some sort of ‘its almost Fish and Chips so it counts’ effort, but until now I never have managed to get a plate of Fish and Chips at this pub!


OK so we know already that I was going to be ordering the Fish and Chips but just for the record lets have a brief ponder at the rest of the mains on the menu

I was happy to see that they had retained their tried and tested classic dishes that we all love and enjoy eating here at the Vat and Fiddle.

The Pie of the Day is always a winner, in the past this was always served with mash and I would cheekily ask for chips instead, no need now as chips is listed as an option 😎😍

The Bangers and Mash, Chilli and Lasagne are always good options as well and I have enjoyed all three over the years.

The other new addition to the menu is the 8oz Sirloin Steak with chips and peas for a very reasonable price of £13.95. I might be trying that at some point in the new year


The Homemade Fish & Chips was listed on the menu as CRB Session ale beer battered fish with chunky chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce for £11.95

First off I was really happy to see that it was to be coated with a batter made from the local Castle Rock Brewery, I love beer batter and I love the local beer so that was a great start.

The fish was a very decent sized portion that filled the plate length ways, the batter was crisp and golden and crunched nicely as you cut it.

Once inside there was plenty of juicy flaky white fish to enjoy, it was all very moist and had a nice fresh taste. Happily the batter was well seasoned and was not at all greasy, they had done really good in frying it up in their small kitchen

The Fish had been perched upon a large stack of homemade chunky chips, chips that the Vat and Fiddle has become famous for.

The odd one did look more like a chopped up potato as opposed to a chip but I chose to gloss over that deciding instead that it was down to a more unique method of cutting.

The mushy peas that accompanied the Fish and Chips was pure Nottingham quality, a little crunchy in parts, vibrantly green and a good thick sauce that sticks everything together on the fork.

All in all this was a very decent plate of Fish and Chips and I was very happy to find it on the menu so that I could both eat it and have a chance to record my last Fish and Chip Friday of the year at my most favored local pub the Vat and Fiddle

The Vat and Fiddle is located adjacent to the excellent Castle Rock Brewery and you can check them both out on their websites, and also the pub on their Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and Instagram profile.

No doubt I will find an excuse to post about them again in 2023 but until then that’s all I have to write about this year 😎

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