Studio Chocolate: Loving their Fabulous Mini Tarts

Studio Chocolate a fantastic local bakery and chocolate shop are based in Cobden Chambers, during lockdown they have been operating online but I understand that the shop is about to re-open.

I found my first taste of their superbly delightful baked treats this weekend when visiting Faux Butchers in Sherwood to whom they are supplying their excellent Mini Tarts.


The first of the tarts out of the box and onto the plate was the “White Chocolate and Pistachio Mini Tart that they are supplying exclusively to Faux in Sherwood.

Of course I did not know that when I bought it, I just know a great looking bit of baking when I see one and there was no way that it was going to escape me once I had seenit on the counter

I loved the creamy white chocolate and pistachio filling inside that crumbly perfectly cooked pastry casing, loved the pistachio nuts on the top and that branded disc of chocolate that was much more than just a label


The second one that we enjoyed was the’Chocolate, Coconut and Raspberry Mini Tart‘ filled with a smooth and decadent filling of Raspberry and Chocolate. This tart was an absolute pleasure to eat.

The scattering of the freeze dried raspberry fruit on top of the soft creamy chocolate was sharp and tart and a great contrast with that really deep and rich smooth filling .

On top of the pastry base was another hidden delight with a layer of raspberry jelly jam, kind of like you get in a jaffa cake 🙂

It was a really clever twist added to the tart that brought a smile to my face and another little moment of joy to my tastebuds!

Having had this first glimpse into what Studio Chocolate have to offer I will be most certainly tracking them down at Cobden Chambers!

Located at 3a Cobden Chambers, Pelham Street in Nottingham, BG1 2ED.

Check the online shop on the website, and what is going on through their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram profile

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  1. If I lived near the bakery shoppe….well, let’s just say, I would lose all semblance of willpower. Those tarts look incredible. My inner self would justify treating myself by saying, “They’re tarts. Tarts are small bites.” 🤔🍃💕

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Ha Ha, yes and ‘small bite’ or ‘mini Tarts’ as they call them made me buy two of them. They are really just normal sized tarts but who cares I will happily be grabbing a few more next time I am passing by 🙂

  2. Jodie says:

    They look so good. Chocolate tarts are underrated

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