Faux Butcher in Sherwood: Checking out the Vegan Sandwiches

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Faux an ‘Artisan Vegan Butchers & Delicatessen‘ has recently opened it’s doors on Mansfield Road in Sherwood.

It is the latest venture of Richie Stainsby and Lauren Nally, the owners of the well renowned No. Twelve restaurant in Nottingham.

As you may expect from the tagline of the place, they are selling a whole load of vegan meat substitutes trying to be as close to the real thing in taste and texture as they can.

The website describes and has pictures of some of their ‘meats’, I thought that the photos of the ‘Sticky brisket’, ‘Chicken Thigh’ and ‘Glazed Pork Belly’ looked pretty good so I was curious to pay them a visit

I popped in this weekend to have a look, on the counter they were offering some of their range of ‘meats’, Vegan cheeses from Honestly Tasty, a selection of Vegan sandwiches and some rather tasty looking cakes supplied by local bakery Studio Chocolate (read more here).


The sandwiches on the counter at Faux were looking on point, and I loved that there was so much attention to detail and effort in the presentation and the wrapping!

They say that often you ‘Eat with your eyes‘ and in this case it was true as the care taken as to how these sandwiches were displayed certainly played a part in my decision to get one for lunch.


The Sandwich menu board was listing a ‘Faux Club‘, a ‘No Donna‘, a ‘Reuben‘ and a ‘Spicy Mango’ all priced between £5.50 and £6 which sounded pretty reasonable to me

I was torn between the Faux Club and a Reuben which are two of my all time favourite sandwiches combinations.

The Faux Club is described as being made up with ‘Vegan chicken, Stilton, Garlic Mayonaise, Gem lettuce, and Tomato, served on ciabatta‘.

I may well have had one of those but I like my Club sandwiches toasted so instead I turned my attention to the Reuben

The Reuben was described as being ‘Thinly sliced pastrami, sauerkraut, pickles, rocket, whole grain mustard, and cheese‘ also served on a ciabatta.

That sounded good to me so I ordered one of those.


The Faux salami was pretty decent both in flavour and texture, and while I may have liked a little bit more in my sandwich I was happy with my first taste of their meat substitute.

I enjoyed the sauerkraut, the pickles, the mustard, and the rocket salad that were inside the ciabatta roll which was a nice bit of Quality bread to house it all in.

They had managed to pack a whole lot of great flavour inside that bun, and if I was up this way again looking for a sandwich for lunch I would not hesitate to come back in again for another one 👍

On the counter after I had ordered I saw some Faux Black Pudding which looked decent and the pictures of the Chicken thigh and Glazed Pork belly on the website also piqued my curiosity to try out on another day. I also really like the cakes that they were selling from Studio Chocolate, but that is another story (read more here)

I was pleasantly surprised with my first taste from Faux in Sherwood. Honestly I will come back again to try some more of their fare!

Faux Artisan Vegan Butchers & Delicatessen is located at 608 Mansfield Rd in Sherwood Nottingham. It is pretty close to the crossing with Newstead St and Winchester St, park in the Winchester Street car park for free (handy hint)

Check them out on their Instagram Profile for up to date info, and their website for all the details

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