The Pubs are Open so lets go Back to the Vat and Fiddle

I confess that this post is a little bit self indulgent and only really written to post the moments when me and my mate Martin finally got to meet for a beer some 6 months since our last outing down the pub

The pubs are finally back open, well open outside anyway so we can get back down to some of our favorite locals for a pint and a chat with our mates.

We were of course heading to the Vat and Fiddle one of our regular haunts and favoured local drinking establishments. It would only have been one place and one spot that we could choose, so Friday night (or actually about 4pm) when they opened we were there


First pint was the classic easy drinking Harvest Pale, seated out in the back yard on a makeshift table made of old crates it seemed. Who cares we had a beer in our hands

There were better seats under the tented awnings that looked a lot nicer, and later in the evening we managed to move to one of those where it was a lot warmer and more comfortable.

Food wise it was all very simple indeed. They had a BBQ grill set up in the yard and the choices were Burger, Burger and Chips, or Chips. So we both had Burger and Chips with cheese and salad toppings.

Nothing too fancy, but most welcomed when you have not had a pint and any pub grub for months!

Later on in the evening beer supplies were running low and somehow between us the pub had drunk the place dry of Harvest Pale so we had to move on to Preservation Ale.

No great hardships were encountered, its another classic been from the Castle Rock Brewery so we supped it up like seasoned pro’s and just enjoyed the moment.

A few hours later the darkness had fallen, it had got a lot colder and we left happy that once more we could meet each other for a pint! 🙂

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