Breakfasting at the Green Hut Cafe near Ollerton

The Green Hut Cafe near the Ollerton Roundabout is a very popular spot to stop off for a bit of grub. It hosts a regular Bikers meet-up and every time we have stopped the leather clad bikers have been there getting some food

It’s also a good place if you are out walking, heading off to Clumber Park, or Rufford Abbey for the day, and we have found that you get great value and good food here so now have it on our ‘on the way’ to list of places to eat at.

On their Facebook page they say “Perfect meeting/eating place for hikers, bikers, cyclists, fishermen or women, families, the hungry and the hungover.” which seems exactly right 🙂


The Breakfast menu talks about ‘Breakfast in a Box‘ and until a couple of weeks ago that was just what you were getting. Now though we were happy to see that the contents of those boxes were being served up on a real plate! Joy indeed

Part of me was kind of keen to polish off one of their FULL ENGLISH breakfasts which was a plate of “2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, 2 Eggs, Black Pudding or Spam, Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Hash Brown or Fried Bread, 1 Toast or Bread and Butter” for £8.50

However sense and budget prevailed and I was more restrained opting for the MEDIUM breakfast for £6.50 is “2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, 1 Egg, Beans, Tomatoes, 1 Toast or Bread and Butter

I declined the tomato and added on some black pudding for an additional £1


Everything on the plate was pretty good and there was nothing to complain about! The sausages were solid, meaty, nicely crisp in places and had a decent lightly herbed flavour. The Bacon was nicely cooked too also thick and meaty and lightly smoked it seems (or it could have been a bit of saltiness from the grill).

My egg had a nice runny yolk. soft white and apart from being buried under all the meat was perfect. I do like to drag it onto my Toast but had to eat my way through the bacon and sausage first 🙂

I was really glad that I opted for the extra black pudding as this was a really good one. It had those lovely little bits of white fat in amongst the soft pudding part, just like the best ones do. It had really good flavour and texture and so much better than many I find when out and about on a breakfast hunt

I was pretty impressed with this plateful, it was full of decent quality products and well worth the money. I even noted that the egg and bean separation was excellent. There was a small mound of meat in between and I doubt that they could even see each other over that pile 🙂


The SMALL breakfast for £4.50 is as you might expect a bit smaller with “1 Bacon, 1 Sausages, 1 Egg, Beans, Tomatoes, 1 Toast or Bread and Butter” as the standard offering.

This time we declined the tomato and added on a portion of mushrooms for 75p. I kind of like customizing it and nearly always decline the tomato

It is still fairly substantial and will set you up for the day, or at least keep you going until lunch.


If you don’t have room for an English Breakfast you can still get your fix of egg, sausage and bacon with one of their breakfast rolls or cobs to use the correct Notts terminology

Priced fairly between £3 and £3.20 for one type of filling or you could get a Sausage and Bacon Cob like we did for £4.20!

Spam and Egg for £3 piqued a bit off old skool curiosity but we didn’t take that option.

I didn’t notice until after we left that you could get a Cheeseburger and that burgers were further down the list. It made the rest of the menu make more sense as I did wonder who was getting a side of chips to go with their Bacon Cob ! 🙂


The Sausage and Bacon cobs are really very good from the Green Hut Cafe. I like the thick meaty sausages and the decent bacon.

I like that you get a good amount inside your cob and I also like that the Bread is nice and fresh, and soft.

I mean I like Breakfast Cobs anyway, but honestly I have this place well on my radar for future trips to pick up a cob!


I took a picture of the road sign by the cafe to give a better idea of where it is located. Everyone say’s that it is just off the Ollerton Roundabout which probably means nothing to many people.

Officially the actual address is Worksop Road, A616 (Just off Ollerton Roundabout), New Ollerton NG22 9DR

You can also check them out online through their Facebook Page

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