Excellent Grilled Cheese Toasties from the Cheese Cave in Newark

The Cheese Cave, selling Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, were in Newark Royal Market place on Saturday. They are here at the weekends set up alongside the other traders close to the Starbucks.

The ‘Cave’ itself is a converted Horse Box trailer which is apparently called Lucy

This weekend even though it was all a bit wet out and about, we were hungry so we took our chances in between the showers to check them out.

I do love a cheese toastie so was really up for this.


The Cheese Cave menu board, splattered with rain drops, had a few classics and also some more unusual offerings on it.

If you were playing it very safe then you could get ‘Just Cheese‘ for £4, options to pimp that up with Ham or Chorizo were fair enough, the possible addition of ‘cornbeef’ sounds a little more out there, but I would give it a go if I was offered one 🙂

Cheese and Marmite‘ and the ‘Pizza Toastie‘ combinations jumped out at me as ones I felt I should try. So I opted for the Pizza version.

We also picked out the ‘Brie, Spinach and Pesto‘ as another to check out with the surmise or perhaps pretence that this was one of the healthier options available.


Inside the Pizza Toastie it was very much as the man in the box had promised me. All the flavors of a pizza topping inside a toasted sandwich. A cheese blend, mostly Mozzarella and a Marinara type of tomato sauce, all mixed up together.

I kind of loved just how orange it was and how crunchy the sourdough bread was. It was almost like a folded up pizza only with a better crust. One warning the ‘pizza sauce’ got everywhere and I walked off with a bit of red stains on my chin after gobbling this one down too fast 🙂

It was gooey, it was cheesy, and it was messy, just as I like it. 🙂


The Brie, Spinach and Pesto toastie was also excellent and it was what I would call a grown up sandwich. I often shy away from the green stuff when I am pondering my fast food choices but I quite enjoyed the fresh juicy spinach leaves in this toastie.

The Brie was not as powerful as I thought it would be and it does melt really well in this sandwich making it quite creamy. I forgot how much I like pesto as well, the aroma of the pine nuts, garlic and basil when warmed up are really quite evocative to the palate.

Again the crispiness and charring of the sourdough bread was lovely, it was crunchy enough to add good texture to the bite yet still soft enough to eat easily.

The Cheese Cave can be found Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Newark Royal Market at the moment. You can check them out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile to see what they are up to and where they might be next


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