Checking out Kurna Chata in Sneinton

Kurna Chata is a family run Polish Cafe and Restaurant located just off Meadow Lane in Sneinton. It is right next to the Twoj Supermarket and seemed quite popular when we visited.

The menu was all in Polish but there were pictures and the owners were quite happy to talk us through the details. There was also an everchanging daily special which they post on their Facebook page (in Polish and English) written on a chalkboard by the door.

The day when we visited it was a deal of “Polish Cucumber soup” to start and “pork/chicken greek style gyros tzatziki sauce and roast potatoes” for £9

I was hoping for pierogi and a glance down their Facebook page shows that sometimes they do have that as a special so I will keep my eye out for the day it is on

Anyway today it was all about a ‘quick bite’ for lunch and I had already had my eye on their Polish Hot Dog which I had spotted earlier online. I love this type of sausage and had it a lot in Chicago where they have a large Polish community .

The picture on the menu looked good so I ordered that, seemed pretty cheap at £5.50 as well


The “Kurny Hot-Dog” was detailed online as ‘Polish Hot Dog – Bun, polish sausage, fried onions, pickles, mustard, dried onion‘ and it was HUGE.

It arrived laid out on its own elevated platform and I would say it was not far off a footlong. It looked good but I was slightly overwhelmed by my ‘light snack plan’ 🙂

I was game to take it on and was getting excited at the prospect of getting my chops around it


Everything about this Hot Dog was spot on, the actual sausage was scored then charred on the grill to cook it, the outside was crisp and the meat inside was solid and oozing with juice. I really liked the way that it was cooked.

The bun was a bit different, a cross between a panini and a long bread roll. It had been lightly toasted on one side and was lovely and fluffy inside. I was quite impressed with how well it held all the fillings and it was certainly up to the job in hand.

The toppings of ‘fried onions, pickles, mustard, dried onion‘ were just perfect. I love the marriage of the sweet pickle dressing with mustard and ketchup, it is such a classic combination. Then the mixing of crispy dried onion bits with the soft fried onions brings it all alive

The flavours hit my tastebuds as I ate this hot dog and so many happy food memories flooded back. I know I often say this but I really will need to come back for another one of these!


On the sandwich menu there were three main combinations on offer with Chicken, Meatloaf (or meat ball) and Pork being the options.


According to the online menu this sandwich was listed as “Breaded chicken breast, bun, tomato, cucumber, fresh pepper, iceburg lettuce, garlic sauce, Danish sauce, pepper sauce, red onion, gherkins” with onion rings

This was also an excellent bite of food and was another rather large plateful. I had a small slice just to get a taste of the flavour mix and loved it.

I did eat all the onion rings and they were worth ordering as a side just on their own (and I would next time too 🙂 )

The fried chicken was lighted breaded and nice and crispy, the bread roll was soft inside and the combination of the sauces brought it all together.

It was so fresh with all the salad items and everything seemed to work in harmony.

Initially I wasn’t sure what all the sauces were, there was one slightly yellow sauce that turned out to be Danish Sauce a ‘cabbage based sauce with a light curry note‘ which makes sense as it looked and tasted like a very mild coronation sauce, mixed with the garlic and the pepper sauce it was another great marriage

All I can add is that this was another huge sandwich and an absolute steal for £7.99.


Having sampled just a little bit of what they have to offer here at Kurna Chata I am certainly keen to come back and try more. I do love a burger and so the ‘Burgery’ section of the menu held my interest, that could be one to order in one evening.

As I said earlier I definitely want another Polish Hot Dog and we have our eyes on their Facebook page for the Daily Specials as well.

This was a great find and I have to thank Wenda for pointing me in the direction of his family restaurant via instagram. I don’t think I would have found this place without the recommendation.

Kurna Chata Polish Food is located at 494 Meadow Lane, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG2 3GD adjacent to the Twoj Supermarket

You can also follow them on their Facebook page and Instagram Profile

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  1. Sounds good, though I was initially alarmed when I misread footlong as furlong. 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      It was a big dog

  2. Sam says:

    sadly this fabulous place is now closed 🙁

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      yes sadly, but they have a restuarant now called Bread and Wine in Sherwood where they are doing much of the same foods

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