Rynos Burgers in Radford

Rynos in Radford on Alfreton Road is a sit in and takeaway fast food joint cooking up Burgers, Pizza and Chicken. I was drawn to check them out by the suggestion of an offering of a ‘smashed burger’. I am quite fond of that particular type of burger so I had a look on their site to see what I could order.

In the burger section of the menu they listed ‘Classic Burgers, Smokey Angus Burgers, Big Pappies Burgers? and an Asiana Burger.

The only ones that specifically mentioned the word ‘smashed’ was in the Asiana section, so I ordered one of those. Then to see what the Classic burger was like I delved into the kids section to get the most basic burger just to see if that was ‘smashed’ as well for future reference i.e burger scoffing needs.


The Classic burger is detailed as being ‘Angus beef, round leaf lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins, mozzarella cheese, house sauce, and brioche bun’

Often people mess around with toppings and ingredients and just fall way short of the mark and you don’t need to.

Sticking to the tried and tested combination of burger, cheese, salad and sauce and you will not go far wrong

It might have been small with just a 2oz patty but it was actually a really decent bite all very simple and all very ‘classic’

I could be happy eating a few more of these!


The Asiana burger was listed as ‘Smashed angus beef, thin sliced chillies, round leaf lettuce, mozzarella cheese, gherkins, onion strings, tomatoes and spicy mayo’. I ordered one purely as it used the words ‘smashed’ in the description.

I don’t know WTF has gone on with that cheese making it look green, it was a bit weird and not that appealing to look at. Luckily the burger did taste fairly good and if you ordered this late at night after getting back from the pub you probably didn’t stop to look at it anyway, couple of bites and you are in full scoff mode.

When you cut this burger in half to check out the layers it looks a lot better, two decent thinly smashed patties with cheese on top of each one sit inside that sesame seeded burger bun.

The lower bun is covered with the salad items, and the top bun sits on top of all that spicy mayo and chopped up chilli.

If I am being fair I would say that this burger did not look very appetizing at first sight, but if you like a spicy burger then it did eat fairly well and I liked the burger patties and the spicy mayo.


Ok so I am never really a great fan of delivery fries but I am a fan of the old crinkle cut ones out of a freezer bag. These ones from Rynos were nothing fancy, probably over-crisped, but they were hot from the box and a decent sized portion so just right for me and my mood on this occasion.

I quite like the flavours and textures of the burger and as a delivery option I would probably try them again.

To be fair to Rynos I really think that you need to go into the restaurant to eat a burger there fresh from the grill or hot plate. Some just do not travel that well in my opinion, especially the ones with weird and more unusual combinations of toppings

This particular burger joint is located at 23-25 Alfreton Rd, Radford, NG7 3JE right next to the Organ Grinder pub. You can order direct from the restaurant or also through the usual delivery platforms

If you want to check out the offers from Rynos then have a look at their Facebook page and Instagram Profile

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