Chippy Lunch from the Bridgford Fish Bar down by the river

I popped into the Bridgford Fish bar this week just because I saw that it was open as I was passing by. I had not seen the lights on for ages. It does not take much of an excuse to grab a chippy lunch and this is probably the lamest excuse I have come up with thus far 🙂

I haven’t been to the Bridgford Fish bar for ages, the last time I mentioned them on the blog was back in 2015 when it was called the ‘Bridgford Restaurant & Fish Bar’. It still does have a restaurant at the back but I am not sure if that part is open at the moment.


I was ordering the now standard option of small fish and small chips so basically the same thing that I always have but not quite I did have a plan of sorts, a small deviation from my usual snack, perhaps a bit of a leap for me as well. Today I was going to be swapping my beloved mushy peas for a pot of curry sauce

Now people keep telling me that this is a thing, and I have kept on ignoring them, letting this potentially monstrous thought wash over me, I couldn’t any longer though so I just did it and you know what I quite liked it 🙂

It went pretty well with both the fish and the chips and certainly a more flavourful condiment to pour over your meal. I did not really think it would be nice with the fish but I was wrong, it really made a difference to the way it ate, I think I can see why people like this as a combination

One downside was that I found myself dripping sauce on my coat as I attempted poorly to eat my snap with one of those wooden forks, a pitiful excuse for an eating utensil if ever there was one.

In the end though, while I get it now, and I did quite enjoy it, I have to say that I prefer the good old mushy pea a lot more so you haven’t converted me yet 🙂


Curry sauce aside, the small fish and chips at the Bridgford Fish bar was not a bad effort. It really was not a very large boxful but then again why should it have been, I mean the clue was in the word ‘small’

I would have preferred it if they had put my battered fish on top of the chips instead of burying in underneath the pile. The fish itself had been cooked fresh to order and while the fish itself was quite nice, juicy, moist and flakey, the batter coating was a bit hit and miss for me.

Perhaps it was a little soggy in places and a little uneven, most likely I would blame that on the chips piled all over it in the box and the subsequent rattle and roll as I carried my takeaway along the road to the riverside.


Whatever the outcome of the meal, I had certainly picked a good spot for lunching down on the embankment of the River Trent. It was a fairly clear day with blue skies, but it was a bit nippy and that meant that my chips were getting cold quickly so I had to move fast.

Lets face it, you really cannot go too far wrong with a chippy lunch, it is warming and filling and comes tinged with just enough guilt to make it a thoroughly pleasurable experience

This particular one had come from the Bridgford Fish bar located on the South side of the river at 39 Radcliffe Road just about 5 minutes walk away from the Trent Bridge Cricket ground and the Football at the City Ground

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