Super Smash on Hounds Gate – Another Burger delivery

Super Smash Burgers on Hounds Gate in Nottingham are a Delivery kitchen tucked away just off the main drag and almost hidden from sight.

Although I ordered from them and was happy enough to eat and enjoy their food I would not normally of commented on them on the blog.

However, when I read on the sign in the window ‘Restaurant re-opening soon’ I thought to post just to see what happens and to make people aware of what may or may not happen and what you may or may not get to scoff.


The Double Smash Burger for £7.95 is described as ‘Double the goodness with two 3oz smashed beef patty, ketchup, mustard, gherkins & american cheese

You can get the original cheeseburger for £5.50 which is basically the same thing only with just the one burger patty.

I do love a smash burger and while this was one ‘juicy tasty burger’ calling it a ‘smash burger‘ was a bit of a stretch as it is just a little bit too thick

Now don’t get me wrong I would happily have had another one of these and the fact that I am featuring a tale of me eating one on the blog should be enough to have confidence that it is a burger worthy of mention and of eating.

I spent my money to check it out for you and it was money well spent 🙂


I chose to have this burger with a side of Cajun Fries which they described as ‘Rustic skin on fries tossed in our signature cajun seasoning‘ for £3.50 (if you get them on their own)

I was very happy to find that these fries really did have a good sprinkle of seasoning on them. Often Cajun fries are a disappointment but these ones from Super Smash really did match my expectation

You also get a really decent portion, too many for me, but I did my best to eat as many as I could

I know it is another Delivery Burger place and perhaps just one of many kitchens but it was a decent burger and fries and one worth considering if you are browsing your way down the list pondering your options for lunch


Located at 8 Hounds Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AB Super Smash are a Delivery Burger outlet

I see that several other Delivery names are based out of this location and reality is that it is probably the same people cooking up all the different genre’s of food A quick search on the address shows up the following trading names; Holy Bagel. Wicked Burgers, Burgerstein, Eggs Quisite, and Wraps and Wings, there may be more 🙂

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