Daisy’s Kitchen in Newark: Scoffing breakfast for lunch

Daisy’s in Newark is a classic slightly greasy spoon cafe located in the Arcade just off the Market Place. I am not sure if it is called Daisy’s Kitchen as per the sign over the door or Daisy’s cafe so let’s just call it Daisy’s for now πŸ™‚

Anyway we were in town shopping at the Saturday market and picking up some bits and pieces from Porter provisions and well I for one just needed a quick bite and a cup of tea so was looking for a cafe of some sort

It was by some chance that we stumbled upon Daisy’s as last time I walked down the arcade not much was open, the chalk board outside mentioned some sort of breakfast situation so I was sold and we were in ordering breakfast for lunch.

The chalkboard outside had just suggested a breakfast with tea and toast for Β£6.50 but once inside with the full menu in hand it seemed that we had the choice of four set options.

We both fancied different things but none of the options covered all of our desires, so we picked two different ones with the intention to do a few swaps when they arrived as you do πŸ™‚

For the record we were swapping mushrooms and half a hash brown, although in the end neither we really worth getting too excited about


Set Breakfast option 2 was comprised of “2 Egg, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, hash brown, beans & 2 toast”

The best part of this breakfast was the really crispy bacon, no fat in sight it was all rendered nicely.

After that it was an epic fail with the sausage bridge for bean juice and egg separation, although the beans did a reasonable job of hiding the catering level sausage.

I liked my eggs as they had a runny yolk and a well cooked white, they did look a little strange as they had been cooked in one of those rings or small egg pans and one insta comment was that they were ‘most offensive’ which made me chuckle as to how passionate people get about their breakfast plate offerings

It was all very filling, cheap and cheerful and while I did find that the individual items were of greasy spoon quality I recognise the room and I was getting exactly what I was paying for and what I had expected when I walked into the place.

I would come back, and if people don’t like what they see that I eat then they can make their own choices after all that is part of the reason for the blog to show you all what is out there πŸ™‚


Set Breakfast option 3 was made up of “2 egg, 2 bacon, sausage, mushroom, beans & toast”

I didn’t think that it looked as well presented as my choice plate option 2, the bacon was a lot crispier though and it is hard to make an oil painting out of the contents of a breakfast plate.

The mushrooms were at least properly cooked ones and not from a tin like some places and I was happy enough swapping them with half of my hash brown, just for variety if nothing else

Menu wise you are greeted with a lot of fried stuff at pretty reasonable prices. The place was packed out and there were people waiting for tables so they are defiantly doing something right and have a target audience in mind.

It was good to see the classic Liver and Onions on the dinner menu and the ‘Mega Mix grill’ for just Β£5.50 offering up ‘2 egg, 2 sausage, a burger, fried onions, mushrooms and chips’ could well be the pick of the lot if you like your random fried stuff with a pile of chips

Daisy’s Kitchen (or cafe) is located in the Arcade, Unit Newark NG24 is a no frills cafe serving up a lot of love on the plate greasy spoon style with a smile. It was very popular and so let the people talk with their bums on seats as to whether it is worth checking out or not πŸ™‚

I can see myself stopping in again for a quick snack, next time ‘Scrambled Egg on toast with a side of bacon and a cup of tea’

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