Breakfast at PJ’s Diner in Newark

PJ’s American Diner in Newark is an quirky little place, styled out with Americana and a menu that attempts to mimic the classic American Diner we all know from the movies,

More cafe than diner, they do seem successful in drawing in the crowds as it was pretty busy when we walked in to grab the last booth in the corner.

I have been here before back in 2018 when I had one of their ‘American-style’ meals the Washington Waffles (read more here).

Today I was far more interested in getting some sort of all day breakfast and I didn’t really care which side of the pond it was inspired by


A brief inspection of the menu left me in a slight quandary as they were offering both an English Breakfast and an American Breakfast.

I was tempted by the American plate billed as being loaded with ‘2 Fried Eggs, Streaky Bacon, Hash Browns and 2 Buttered Pancakes with a side of maple syrup‘ but it sounded too similar to the waffle dish I had last time I ate here so I went classic local ordering the English Breakfast instead

The menu listed the English Breakfast as being made up of ‘2 Sausage, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Beans, Tomatoes and Buttered Toast‘ for Β£8.50 if I had been here before 11am you can get a cup of tea as well for your money.


They say that breakfast should be served with a smile and that seemed to be the theme today when I looked down at my plate to see a couple of googley egg eyes, some big plump sausage lips, bacon fringe and a toast hat. It’s like seeing things that are not really there in the clouds πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

The sausages were of particularly low quality and while I don’t mind cheap catering level when they are crispy I do expect some sort of solidity inside the skin even if the provenance of the filling is scrapings from an unknown source πŸ€£πŸ™„ these ones were on the edge of my limit

The eggs had nice bright and runny yolks, the tomatoes were at least proper tomatos and had been cooked all the way through, beans are beans so not much to say there. The toast was well buttered and had a decent colour on it for once


Even though I did quite enjoy eating my down and durty breakfast experience here at PJ’s Diner there was a lot on the plate that would trigger many other food types who are far more fussy.

Beans touching eggs, eggs cooked in rings and low quality catering sausages are all things that I can live with, but the unrendered fat on my bacon was a step too far and I had to discard that even though I usually just scoff whatever comes my way.

I am not sure I would come back for another one of these breakfast, I think I like my chances better at Daisy’s Kitchen in the nearby arcade. If I do return I will go back to the waffles as they seemed a good option 5 years ago 😎

Despite any misgivings I may have noted they are a friendly bunch here at PJ’s Diner and there seemed to be plenty of happy customers splilling in from the market to grab a burger or two.

I am sure if I did order another breakfast and asked for my bacon to be ‘dead dead crispy’ they would obliged and I would be a happier camper 😎😁

PJ’s American Diner is located on Clinton Arms Street not far from St Marks Place and the Market Place. I did notice that it was next door to Richard’s Quality Meats, one of several excellent butchers in town, perhaps they could get their sausage from there instead? πŸ˜‹

You can also check out PJ’s American Diner on their Facebook Page


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