Sunday Lunch at the Trent Navigation

The Trent Navigation on Meadow Lane has always been a very reliable pub in the area for a decent pint and pub food at a reasonable price. A popular haunt on a match day for supporters of the local cricket and football teams, it can be rammed one day and ‘one man and his dog’ another day, pick your moment carefully if you want a quiet meal🤣

We were in the area on Sunday looking for a Roast Dinner so popped in, found a table, grabbed a pint and couple of menus to peruse our options.

First thoughts were that pricewise this was already looking pretty reasonable with most Roasts being priced at £12.95 including Beef, Turkey, Belly Pork and some sort of vegetarian option. Lamb Shank was £14.95 but I skipped past that as we stopped getting excited about eating that years ago.

It was an easy choice as we ordered two plates of the Roast Topside of Beefserved with a selection of seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and stuffing‘ (according to the menu)

As the plate arrived the first impressions were that there was plenty of gravy, it was almost a Roast Dinner soup, there was no need to ask for more today and I for one was pretty happy about that, I like my Roast Dinner swimming in gravy

There looked to be a decent amount of meat, I could see a big thick slice of beef in among the stack of food on the plate. I couldn’t see many vegetables yet but we shall dig inside in a moment to see what we can find.

On top of the stack was a large Yorkshire pudding filled with a stuffing ball and a scattering of what looked like parsnip crisps. I have to say that for £12.95 it was a good start and things were looking promising!

I slid the Yorkshire to one side and it was happy days as I found all the promised seasonal vegetables. Very happy to see proper veg too no frozen peas from a bag in this place!

I was being treated with a mix of Roast carrot, Roast Parsnip, Tenderstem broccoli, and a portion of Green cabbage. All stuff that I could probably find in my allotment at the moment as I said ‘seasonal’ Good work Chef!

I really enjoyed eating this Roast, the meat was plentiful and well seasoned, I could be picky and say that I would have preferred two thinner slices instead of one big thick one. I think that would have eaten better but that’s just how I like it

The homemade Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Potatoes were excellent and I enjoyed them both. The portion of vegetables was generous and also so good, equally earning it’s place on the plate as a star offering alongside the beef. The gravy? oh yes that was fabulous and helped bring the whole plate together

The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the stuffing ball, I don’t think it was needed, perhaps with the Chicken fair enough but not with Roast Beef. Having said that some people like it and I just moved it to one side after a taste of course 😉

Since I last ate here the place has been done up with a big extension to the outside area including a huge TV screen and lots more seating. They also have covered up the lovely tiles on the front of the pub, I am not keen if you hadn’t guessed (I hope the original tiles are still behind the cover).

I do like the big screen area and I reckon it will be a great place to watch a big game or two. It is good to see that they are making the most of what they have to attract people to the area and to the pub.

The most important thing is that the food and the beer was just as good as I remembered and in this day and age also still very affordable.

All lunch mains are £7.50 and they also do daily deals like Thursday Pie Night and Friday Chippy Tea where the mains are also just £7.50, not bad at all!

Location wise, the Trent Navigation is by the Canal on Meadow Lane, not far from Trent Bridge and both Football grounds. Officially the address is 17 Meadow Lane, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 3HS

You can check them out on the Trent Navigation Inn website and also on their Facebook pageInstagram Profile, and Twitter Feed

Check out the Navigation Brewery on their Twitter FeedFacebook Page, and Instagram Profile

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