Eating Pies at the Cods Scallops

I love coming to the Cods Scallops in Nottingham for my chippy tea or lunchtime treat and have always enjoyed my plates of Fish and Chips. I have eaten in all three of the local restuarants and had takeout multiple times, my Cod and Chips with a side of Mushy Peas has become the thing I always ordered.

It seemed wrong to think of getting something else, so never had, but I had always wondered about the pies. We meant to try one when they had their post xmas offer of 23% off all mains but somehow when it came to the moment I still got Cod 😂.

This last week though during British Pie week the offer was 50% off all pies so when I was in grabbing a bargain it was pies or nothing! The moment had finally come 🤣😎


Things were looking up as we realised just how much of a bargain that 50% deal of the week was to be. Initially I was thinking it was just a half price pie, but think again my son

The deal was ‘Our own award -winning home-made pie, cooked fresh to order & served with chips and a choice of any sauce’ so the £13.50 dine in meal was now costing £6.75! Happy Days!

The menu implores us to ‘Try the best fish & chip shop pie in the UK‘ and tells us that the Steak & Scale Ale pie was Award Winning.

Now at the time of dining it was a Gold winner in 2022 at the British Pie Awards, later that week (the next day I believe) it was pronounced the winner at the 2023 ceremony in Melton Mowbray getting first place in the Fish & Chip Shop Pie category.


I had gone classic getting the Steak & Scale Ale pie with Chips and Gravy. I loved the look of the pie when it had arrived, cracks in the pastry where the filling had tried to bubble out. Considering how many pies they get through I was pleased to see that it looked handmade even if it had been one of a bigger batch.

The pastry was great, cooked all the way through, no sogginess and a nice firm bite with a hint of butteriness. The filling was excellent, super tasty gravy, plenty of tender chunks of meat and a few carrots floating about.

This paired really well with the beef gravy and of course always goes well with a side of chippy chips! I also stole a spoonful of mushy peas from my dining companion to complete the plate


We also ordered one of the Chicken pies which was ‘Chicken, Ham & Leek‘. This was equally well filled with meat and sauce but was perhaps a little more subtle flavour wise than the Steak Pie.

It didn’t help that we had decided to split the pies in half to share as in reality the flavours of the steak and ale overpowered the other. It was a great idea so that we got a bit of both but perhaps in hindsight it stopped me appreciating the qualities of the Chicken Pie in full.

At the time I admitted on Instagram that I am a bit of a heathen when it comes to pies at the chippy or down the football where my favorite is one of those Chicken and Mushroom Pukka pies. If at this point you wish to decline to take notice of any comments I have about the merit of any pies I would totally understand 🤣

Anyhow, the take home message is that this is a really good pie as well. It went really well with the side of mushy peas as they are nice and sweet and also delicate flavour wise to match the pie contents.

I love it when a plan comes together and today it went like a dream, two plates of award winning pies with chips, peas and gravy at a knockdown price we had done well!

Would I have another pie instead of my usual fish and chip supper? Well it truth be told I did initially think that £13.50 was a lot to pay so I might have said no but in hindsight it really isn’t compared to pub prices these days so I probably would.

I was quite intrigued to try their CHUNKY FISH PIE which is a fish pie ‘fully encased in pastry’ filled with ‘salmon, cod, king prawns, smoked haddock, cheese sauce, leeks, potatoes & peas‘ it sounds good on paper anyway.

I was glad that we tried the pies and can easily tell that they are award winners, I can see a cheeky takeout of pie and chips coming one lunchtime if I am passing by 😎

This branch of the Cods Scallops is located at Unit 2A Wilford Lane Retail Park, Nottingham, NG2 7BS the West Bridgford Branch is closer to Wilford and Compton Acres than the centre of West Bridgford.

You can park on the retail estate, and for public transport the 1,3,4 buses stop just outside by the ROKO gym and the Wilford Lane Tram stop is but a 2-3 minute walk away, perhaps 5 mins if you have to wait for the crossing lights to change

Check out the Cods Scallops on their Facebook pageTwitter Feed, and Instagram profile for offers and deals.

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