Burger and Sauce in Nottingham

Burger & Sauce on Alfreton Road is just one of many units located across the Midlands. As well as this one in Nottingham they also have branches in Leicester, Derby, Birmingham, and West Brom.

On their website they say that their Concept is very simple “Giving the customer a burger that ticks all the boxes from taste to price to quality. A burger should be simple and great tasting. It shouldn’t be made complicated. We use the freshest ingredients and bring them together under one bun to create a burger that tastes great.” that sounded good to me

On Friday night during a classic pub crawl around Canning Circus we were supping ale in the Organ Grinder pub which is just a few doors back down the road and in dire need of some food to keep us going, so we headed up to Burger & Sauce to see what they really had to offer


I ordered the most expensive burger on the menu which was the ANGUS BEEF STACK described as being a “150G Premium angus beef patty topped with double cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, finished with caramelised onions & our classic sauce.

I ordered a side of regular fries to go alongside forgoing the option of a drink as part of a meal deal as it wasn’t any better value and I didn’t want to fill up on fizzy drinks

First impressions were that I liked the packaging, second impressions was that it didn’t look very big and final impression was that it looked nothing like the burger on the menu. Having said that, how often is this the case at burger joints? Even the big chains hardly ever manage to put food on the plate that looks like the billboard offering 🙄🤣


Lets take a closer look at this burger to see what charms it might have to offer. OK so visually considering the hype in the description it is a bit of a let down. It looks like quite a basic burger sandwich as opposed to some special edition offering.

The two slices of cheese needed more time under the grill so that they melted over the burger patty like a comfort blanket. The meat patty itself looked a bit grey and could have been charred more and the lettuce and tomato were struggling to make themselves known to the doorman at this party

Despite all of that I do have to say that this was quite a satisying burger to eat, it was one of those soft bites that does melt in you mouth as you chow down. There was plenty of meaty juice that added moistness and a beefy flavour.

All in all I just felt I had been a little short changed against my expectations, it seemed a bit smaller than I expected and I was left wanting more.


Was I being harsh in my sentiments you might wonder? Maybe but I had reasons, my regular dining companion Martin had played it a little safer ordering THE ORIGINAL BEEF BURGER a much smaller and cheaper offering on the menu.

Described as “Our tasty handmade signature beef burger – beef patty topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, gherkin* & a choice of ‘Signature Sauce’. this burger was going to set you back just £4.75 compared to the £7 I paid for my ‘bigger’ burger

When it came it didn’t look any different from my Angus Stack and to be honest it also looked nothing like the stock photo that came on the menu. At this point I feel that the menu was meaningless 🤣😋

For the record Martin enjoyed his burger just as much as I did. We both found it a comforting and satisying eating experience and liked the place well enough.

If you want a decent burger at a reasonable price well Burger & Sauce will have you covered, just don’t cry when it doesn’t look like the ones on the board 🤣🤣🤣

My advice is get the basic burger it was just as good as the fancier one and cheaper

Burger & Sauce in Nottingham is located at 65 Alfreton Road, Radford, NG7 3JL

You can check them out on their Website and their Instagram page


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