Crunch in West Bridgford: Sunday Dinner for Lunch (sort of)

Crunch in West Bridgford is one of those ‘build your own’ bowl spots, the sort of place I usually avoid in expectation of a boring buddha bowl or something piled high with salad and bereft of much joy.

So imagine my delight when I found that they offered up a kind of Roast Dinner! I had read a review that one of their popular offerings was a bowl filled with Roast Chicken and Roast Potatoes. Now this I had to check out for myself


With hope in my heart I stood up at the counter to order my ‘medium’ sized bowl choosing from the Protein, Base and Side sections of the menu.

I was able to grab myself a bowl of Roast Chicken, Roasted Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables for £7.40! I also snagged a pouring of gravy from the ‘dressings’ section for an extra quid

It was only supposed to be a ‘medium’ sized bowl but it was still huge and almost more food than even this hungry man could scoff down for a midweek lunch.

I honestly think that you could easily share this between two people and still get a decent portion each. That is really excellent value as it was just £8.40 for the whole bowl.

So ok we know it’s great value but we want to know if it was any good or not?

The slices of Roast Chicken were excellent, moist and juicy, and bountiful, I had no complaints there.

The roasted potato was also pretty decent, there were loads of these and I think mine had some sort of spicy coating, but you didn’t have to have the spice. It wasnt that powerful just think really well seasoned and you would get the idea

The only thing I was not that keen on was the mixed vegetables, sure you got a really big portion but personally I like my vegetable cooked a lot less. The broccoli was too mushy for me and I struggled to eat it all, even mixed up with the nice thick and tasty gravy.

Happily there was plenty of mange tout and carrot in the bowl as well and that was just about crunchy enough for my liking so not all was lost.

If I come again I would still get the chicken, potato and gravy but I would swap something else for the vegetables or ask for them less well cooked?


When we visited we hadn’t realised how big the portions were so one of us also ordered a similar bowl having rice instead of potatoes and getting a sweet chilli sauce instead of a gravy.

It was just as big and while we had the same thoughts on the Hot Veg the rice, chicken and lightly spicy sauce went down a treat! 😍

I like that you can mix and match but would also like a few more different Veg options as well as the Basic Salad and Coleslaw, but you know maybe I am not their target audience and there is supposed to be a modicum of healthiness being served up in each bowl so perhaps I should just take what I am given 😎🤣

When the wather gets warmer perhaps the salad with chicken or salmon may become more attractive to, after all I don’t always fancy a gravy meal in the middle of summer😂

Crunch in West Bridgford are located on Melton Road just past the garage and in the midst of all the food shops and takeways. I reckon that they are a decent lunchtime option, good prices and very decent portions.

Officially located at 118 Melton Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6EP and open Mon-Fri (11am – 4pm) and Saturday 11 am-3pm

Check them out on their Instagram profile and Facebook Page

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